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  • February 23, 2021

10 Benefits of an Employee Portal

Selecting a partner for your employee intranet solution is a decision that will impact your employees for the next several years. You want to make sure you make the right choice the first time. OnSemble has identified eight key considerations that should be observed before choosing your portal solution.

8 Benefits of a Robust Employee Intranet

  1. Streamlines your corporate communications.
    Simple tools such as announcements, calendars, sign-up events, and discussion boards need to be easy to create and maintain. This should be for all of your staff, not just IT. These tools should help organize information from various departments. Content such as FAQs, documents, forms, employee benefits and contact details should be available. Your chosen solution must meet this basic requirement.
  2. Keeps your employees aligned and focused. 
    How well do your employees understand your strategic plan? Your employee intranet should enable you to keep your employees focused on key initiatives. It should allow you to use performance dashboards to track progress. Dashboards should be broken down into department and project levels. Your intranet can help ensure your goals are well communicated and understood by all your employees.
  3. Centralizes information in an easy-to-use, search-driven self-service environment.
    Creating and publishing decentralized content allows every department to easily create and update information quickly and efficiently. Your intranet should enable employees to connect with topic experts and product specialists. Such capability requires rich and searchable information regarding each employee and the ability to find subject matter experts real-time! This capability should dramatically improve your customer service and exception handling.
  4. Handles all documents you share regularly across the organization.
    Your intranet solution should provide access to a centralized repository with the ability to perform full-text search that is both convenient and efficient. Consider the time savings Google offers you each and every day. The same should be true while searching for documents within your organization. Versioning of important policy and compliance documentation is another important capability that a regulated industry workforce needs to establish.
  5. Enables employees to engage with leadership and with each other.
    Your intranet platform should provide the ability to maintain a profile and subscribe to other employee profiles. Activity feeds are a great way to stay in touch with updates from various team members and departments. Blogs and surveys allow leaders to easily engage regularly with all employees.  Forums allow anyone in your organization to start a thread, ask questions, and obtain input.    Employee recognition enables employees to send each other praise which helps employee engagement and reinforces your values across your organization.
  6. Builds transparency and collaboration between departments.
    Your intranet platform should streamline the way your Human Resources department connects with your Marketing department. It should also streamline how your Accounting department connects with your IT department. Your staff should be able to open requests and track those requests through completion. Bringing transparency and accountability for inter-department requests builds a collaborative (and accountable) team across the enterprise. This is the most appreciated change we have generated through our solution.
  7. Showcases your most current products and services to your staff.
    Ensuring that up-to-date information on products and services is readily available to your staff is essential. Inefficiencies can be eliminated by guaranteeing your customers receive the most relevant information, immediately. Utilizing a searchable “Wiki” structure to help capture product information is fast becoming the norm for most organizations. This resource should reside on your intranet platform.
  8. Offers flexibility to create pages, teams on the fly.
    Your intranet platform should allow you to create virtual departments and branches. It should also allow you to create ad hoc virtual team pages for projects and committees. These team pages can be used to document knowledge that is otherwise stuck in everyone’s mailbox, network drive or their head. Tracking each employee’s contribution to organizational information is an important aspect of intranet platform progression.

We hope you find these benefits/considerations helpful in selecting the right employee intranet portal for your organization. If your employee intranet doesn’t stack up, then give the team at OnSemble a call today.

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