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  • May 16, 2018

System Permissions, Access Management

As more organizations embark on the journey to digital transformation, they’re increasingly embracing digital ecosystems as part of the journey. Gartner research has, with some flourish, called it “The oncoming digital ecosystem express train.” This hurling locomotive requires your organization to be ready, and access management technology is a key component of that alacrity.

Access management (AM) is the process of identifying, tracking, and managing users’ access to a system, applications, or any IT instance. It is a broad concept that encompasses all policies, processes, methodologies,  and tools to maintain access privileges within an IT stack.

With multiple decentralized branch operations common for today’s financial institutions, the importance of a centralized access management system has become increasingly necessary. ALEC (an Illinois Credit Union) stands as a case study in the importance of adopting a centralized System Permissions tool.

Before adopting System Permissions, ALEC set up in a decentralized environment for the administration of different systems; with IT in-charge of major systems and each department managing their own individual systems. The result was a patchwork, with 300 different access items to manage. To further complicate the process, ALEC leveraged different methods to request employee access, ranging from help desks to email and verbal communication. The whole process made tracking tedious and time-consuming.

ALEC needed a tool that was less cumbersome than a point solution, one that would not place a significant burden on their IT resources while wanting to avoid developing an in-house tool. That’s when ALEC chose to collaborate with the Passageways’ OnSemble Team to develop a system permission tool for their Employee Intranet.

The outcome of the collaboration was OnSemble System Permissions, an app developed to account for all virtual and physical assets and manage each individual’s different access levels. The System Permissions App ensures that only the right people have access to the right data and programs they need to do their jobs. By leveraging role-based templates, System Permissions streamlines managing and extending permissions when individuals join your organization, when they change roles, or when they exit your team.

Gone are the days of ALEC sending employee separation checklist to each department manager. Since implementation, ALEC has undergone approximately multiple audits, and System Permissions tracking and audit trails have proved immensely beneficial. “Smaller organizations, challenged by limited resources, would struggle to be able to develop a customized employee access system like System Permissions,” said Brady Van Heirseele, ALEC’s Vice President- IT/Risk. With System Permissions, ALEC can demonstrate a complete accounting of their system permissions, tracking the status of each new employee, transfer, and termination.

System Permissions benefited ALEC in two broad aspects:

  • Streamline Processes. System Permissions takes the hassle out of onboarding new employees, transfers as well as termination. In minutes, the right people have the right permissions for the right data.
  • Demonstrate Compliance. System Permissions creates reports and an audit trail so when the examiners arrive you are ready to show your access levels are under control and being monitored.

ALEC had the foresight to leverage their employee intranet platform to further streamline workflows and bolster compliance. Today, their initiative is available to all OnSemble Employee Intranet customers.

You can learn all about System Permissions here:

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