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  • January 29, 2011

After having the same intranet for a decade, the American Airlines Credit Union decided it was time for a change.  Difficult to find content coupled with a shaky search engine, resulting in frustration for end users.  A focus group of members representing every department throughout the organization was created to take part in user interviews, surveys and then a card sorting project.  Once the data was collected, the portal team designed a prototype to ensure content was well organized prior to usability testing.

Consulting American Airlines Credit Union

With the support of the Passageways Consulting Team, AACU was able to develop a brand new portal with an incredibly organized landing page.   First and foremost, it was essential that the landing page content reflected the value they place on their employees and contributions.  Not only did it exemplify their culture with impactful imagery and stories, it allowed their employees to find the information they needed to do their jobs quickly.

Similarly, the portal administrators collaborated with Passageways to create as much efficiency and automation as possible.  Quotes of the day could be loaded over a year in advance while birthdays and anniversaries were populated from Employee Profiles to showcase photos of the employees celebrating milestones.  A virtual suggestion box titled “Give us your Good Ideas” allowed individuals to submit recommendations that would be automatically routed to the portal team, with an option for anonymity.

A strong, single search engine with drop-down categories separating products and services from internal P&P optimized overall search functionality.  An employee directory could also be accessed from the search, with contact information auto-populated from Active Directory.  For instance, pulling up “Loan Officers” would show all employee profiles with that title.  Additionally, employee profile fields were customizable; for instance, with a foreign language skill.  This would allow an employee to search “Spanish” and all Spanish speaker profiles would show up.  No more sending mass email blasts to everyone in the organization.

A horizontal drop-down page menu and another one with Quick Links (most frequently used websites) were constructed to preserve precious real-estate, eliminating scrolling down the page.   This also helped them hold true to their “less than 3 clicks guarantee” to find portal content.   A central resource tabbed section with links to the most important pages on their sites was neatly arranged toward the center of the page with the headings:   Communications, Toolbox, Calendars and About Us.  Short descriptions of each page provided basic information for ease of use.

The formal unveiling of the new Landing Page was propelled with a series of “teasers” giving readers snippets of each section, highlighting features and benefits without ever uncovering the page as a whole.  This build-up conjured up an incredible amount of excitement – on the day of the roll-out, the  feedback was absolutely overwhelming.

 Here are a few comments we received: “I didn’t even have to use the quick reference guides to use the new Hub.  Thanks for making my job easier.  Now I can take more time with our members instead of going on a scavenger hunt!”

“I just wanted to say how much I loved the new HUB. Great look, much more intuitive than the previous version and for a still relatively new employee, I have a much easier time navigating it to find what I want and need, including a number of things I never actually saw on the previous incarnation. Great work on everyone’s part.”

Remarkably, the positive accolades continue to roll in.  After an employee was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, the portal team used the landing page to advertise a Fund Raising initiative using the Passageways auction platform to raffle off prizes and forms builder to administer a “Kiss the Pig” contest.   This campaign resulted in enough funds to cover the employee’s chemo treatments, eliminating the stress of financial burdens.

Developing the landing page “with the user, not just for the user” maximized employee buy-in.  Involving focus group members from the very beginning ensured content was both easily accessible and actionable.  Ultimately, the page disseminates knowledge throughout the organization to help it grow.  It also helped the American Airlines Credit Union nab Passageways’ “2010 Best Portal Landing Page” contest!

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