• By: OnSemble
  • August 15, 2016

Passageways recently launched an upgrade for the Bank of American Fork’s OnSemble Learning Management System (LMS) to solve four critical business needs. We thought we would share the success they have seen from this consulting project!

Bank of American Fork was spending time and money developing their associates with no way to track the outcome of those courses and trainings. This is particularly true of compliance training. Together, we developed a webinar/seminar tracking module to the LMS that allows the Bank to accurately report to regulators, internal hiring managers, and associates the full picture of training at the Bank.

Another substantial upgrade was the ability of the LMS to allow bank executives to nominate key associates to attend specific training events. Prior to this upgrade, executives were nominating associates using e-mails that were not tracked. Another issue this solves is that attendance for seasonal events prior attendance was not tracked. Determining who to send from year-to-year was a difficult time consuming process. Now it takes minutes. The savings in time and accuracy is significant

The Bank uses proficiency testing as a way to evaluate associate skills and knowledge. The Bank was using one of the best testing vendors in the marketplace. However, the process to set up the questions was complex and unreliable. With direction from the Bank, Passageways added an easy to use process to add question categories that saves the Bank time, creating question categories in roughly half the time.

The last upgrade is the category reporting. Passageways applied complex, yet critical requirements that solved an important business need. It is not just enough to report that a question is correct or incorrect, it should also identify how many times the question is answered incorrectly. Identifying questions that are answered incorrectly at a higher rate, helps Bank of American Fork correct the questions which improves the quality of the tests.  The category reporting upgrade provides a greater level of confidence in the proficiency tests due to the increased accuracy.

We are extremely happy that Bank of American Fork has found newfound success with their learning management system. As always, if you’d like to learn more about increasing employee engagement and collaboration, you can find out more about OnSemble here!


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