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  • May 24, 2016
Left to right: Trent Brouillette, Jackie Allen, Samantha Carias, Mikey Jarrell Monica Aguayo, Donna Beltran, Rachel Ringler, Courtney Felt

Every year at PowWOW, Passageways hosts the Besties, an award ceremony where customers share innovative uses for their portal solution that improve collaborative efforts and end-user productivity to drive increased value and return.  We love the opportunity to share the stage each year so everyone can witness a bit of the transformations our amazing customers inspire.

Presentations were shared in four categories this year. Best use of Technology in the Boardroom features the best use of technology by executive administrators and board and committee members to communicate with each other across their organization. Best Innovation highlights the imaginative uses of the portal to meet new business challenges. Best Portal Development features newly created tools built on the portal platform. Best Implementation showcases the successful launch or re-launch of a portal solution.

This year’s finalists for the Best Use of Technology in the Boardroom were; “OnBoard for Loan Committees” presented by Gabe Lindsay from Commercial Bank of Texas, “OnBoard for the Global Board” presented by Matt Markoupolos from IHG Owners Association, and “Onboard- Shark Tank” from Brenda Noggle from Westby Co-op Credit Union

Finalist for the Best Innovation Award were; “Our Town – Community Relations” presented by Anthony McSwain from Fidelity Bank and “We Engage our World” presented by Melissa Hall & Brady Wakefield from Alabama Credit Union.

Finalists for Best Portal Development were; “Einstein Custom Landing Page” presented by Sonya Thompson from DATCU and “Bells & Whistles” presented by Derrick Gebhard from Belco Community Credit Union

Finalist for the Best Implementation Award were; “iNet- Undercover Boss” presented by Amy Fortney from Westby Credit Union and “Celebrate CBTX” presented by the team from Commercial Bank of Texas and ““Walk the Plank” presented by the team from Great Lakes Credit Union

The Besties Award Ceremony culminates each year with the presentation of awards to winners of each category based on peer voting, and we are delighted to share the results with you.

Left to right: Matt Markoupolos, Mike Griffith, John Miller

Best Use of Technology in the Boardroom:

Matt Markoupolos on behalf of IHG Owners Association took home the Best Technology in the Boardroom Award for “OnBoard for the Global Board.” IHG Owners Association presented the story of their 2016 global OnBoard expansion. More than 287 new OnBoard users across the world gained access in fewer than 90 days. In total, IHG has saved 1,172,736 pages of paper, achieving a 66.8% ROI. This global rollout was a remarkable success, and serves as a trail blazing model for scaling OnBoard!

Marry Beth Houdan and Anthony McSwain

Best Innovation Award:

Anthony McSwain on behalf of Fidelity Bank took home the Best Innovation Award for “Our Town – Community Relations.” Fidelity Bank used their OnSemble portal to drive community investment, charitable support, and volunteerism. They drove employees to join with their fellow co-workers in investing time and talents to make a meaningful difference in the communities they call home. Over the year they used OnSemble to cultivate their Bravely Onward culture, create a home for community documents, nurtured custom community pages, bolster community event awareness, and increase department efficiencies.

Left to right: Derrick Gebhard, Darcy Thomas, Adam Dian

Best Portal Development Award:

Derrick Gebhard took home the award on behalf of Belco Community Credit Union for their “Bells & Whistles” module. Belco used their OnSemble portal to develop the employee recognition platform, Bells and Whistles! It is used to recognize an outstanding action, achievement, or contribution that is above and beyond an employee’s day-to-day job requirements! The awards rotate within their portal, acknowledging everyone who has gone above and beyond at Belco!

Left to right: Donna Beltran, Rachel Ringler, Trent Brouillette

Best Portal Implementation Award:

The team from Great Lakes of Texas won the best implementation award for “Walk the Plank.” The team at Great Lakes needed to update their portal; it had been years since it was refreshed, and they had since experienced substantial growth. Their redesign goals were to streamline communication, enhance security, increase employee engagement and recognition, and develop central hub for new and current employees. Their efforts not only won them a Bestie, but earned high praise from within the organization. The relaunch has resulted in managers requesting 7 additional help desks to increase department efficiency, their RAVES employee recognition increased in cross-department and employee engagement, and senior management now uses landing pages as a tool to communicate company highlights, reducing cost of travel for all-staff meetings

Congratulation to all the winners!

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