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  • March 14, 2013

The term “blog” was coined in 1999, and Wikipedia states that “most blogs are interactive allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other… and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.”

Today, blogs are everywhere.  My employer has a business blog, my photographer has a blog, my favorite store has a blog, and my best friend is a blogging fanatic. Basically about everyone I know has a blog!  This is why the blogging community is so large… And growing by the day.  All you need to have a blog is to have information you want to share or promote to others.  Blogging allows you to put your knowledge, expertise, information, and news out for others and allows them to share their thoughts back.  A business blog is a very effective corporate tool inside and outside of an organization.

Why blog inside your organization?

Internally a blog allows employees and staff to observe ideas, thoughts, and ongoing projects throughout the organization.  Everyone wants to open the lines of communication.  Using a blog does exactly that.  It provides a powerful and useful tool to engage and connect with employees as well as potential customers.  Updating or posting a blog is the simplest way to communicate your knowledge throughout your business.

Why blog outside of your organization?

Having a blog published outside of your organization to customers as well as potential customers not only helps with gaining visibility but allows you to post newsletters, new information, news about your organization, current job openings, and current promotions. Posting open positions throughout the organization saves money by not having to hire an employment agency.  Including your current promotions is a great way to get the promotions out to the web and can only bring in more sales and at no cost for advertising fees.  Blogging is simple and you do not need your web developer to update your website thus providing you with a much less expensive alternative to a website.  This allows smaller businesses to get their name out to a much larger audience.  Blogs help with bringing in potential customers as well.  Where do you go to do your research if you are looking to purchase something?  The web, or course!  You can position yourself as the go-to business as well as gaining incites to what exactly your customers want and need.  Additionally the ability to comment on blog posts and ask questions is another huge feature of a blog for your organization.  It is like having your own marker researchers… And for free!

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So now the question I ask is… Why NOT blog?

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