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  • September 12, 2012

In November 2008, Genisys Credit Union was formed through the merger of equals, T&C Federal Credit Union and USA Credit Union.  The conversion of data from one core system to the surviving core system was completed in August 2009.  After the dust settled, Genisys employees began expressing frustration with the difficulty in finding much needed operational information.  Then in early 2010, it was announced that our CEO was retiring and our new CEO, Jackie Buchanan, would be leading Genisys into the future. It was a unique chance to shape the culture of this new combined credit union.

Passageways and Genisys partnered together and kicked off the first project that would help unite and define the Genisys culture.  Passageways provided Genisys with an Intranet web portal that was so easy to build and use that it freed up the full time database analyst from devoting 100% of his time on the old Lotus Notes system. This new project allowed a large number of employees from across the organization to participate in the development of information delivery for Genisys.

A portal team was formed and consisted of employees from all around the credit union.  This team helped shaped the vision of the portal and each team member took the lead on several sub teams used to build different sections of the portal.  The various teams consisted of employees of all levels from the CEO to part time tellers.  The Products & Services team was led by the Sales & Service Training Manager and consisted of various MSRs, Tellers, Admin Assistants, Management Trainees, Regional Manager, and an Assistant Call Center Manager.  The system was designed for optimal efficiency so a busy teller could access the information quickly and with minimal clicks.  The Help Desk team consisted of employees from Accounting, Electronic Services, Facilities, HR, Marketing, Public Relations, Training and Branch Personnel.   The Help Desk team came up with several new uses for this module, which proved uniquely flexible.  Help Desks were created to streamline the tracking of quality control errors for each branch, to electronically track team member task assignments, and password requests for products/services not owned by IT. We had just invented a new way to route requests to various departments in a transparent manner!

The portal was launched on June 23, 2010.  Over 75 employees from across Genisys participated in the project and took ownership of their own content management.  The employees found the Passageways product so easy to use that within a four month time frame, it was launched with over 400 procedures built in Products & Services, and over 75 different Help Desks.  The staff instantly found value in being able to control their own content, eliminating time to have someone in IT update the information for them.   The Passageways portal not only brought value in the way of efficiencies but also became  the first project that was uniquely Genisys and has left an indelible mark on the Genisys culture.

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