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  • August 6, 2020

Eastern Michigan Bank (EMB) is a community bank whose customers include business owners, farmers, schools, associations, churches, non-profit organizations, government entities, and of course, individuals. With 11 locations and 80-90 employees, staying connected and informed is always important.

Disconnected Information

“Our previous employee ‘intranet’ housed basic HR information and bank-wide policies.  It was not widely accessed,” says Annemarie Prax-Cornelissen, Communications Administrator. “Along with this tool, we had a shared drive where documents were difficult to find, and policies often contained multiple versions and outdated items.”

The bank wanted to get away from IT-managed information and instead provide a solution that would promote bank culture and employee engagement.

“We needed a platform to provide a central point for employees to interact in real-time.”

Annemarie Prax-Cornelissen, Communications Administrator, Eastern Michigan Bank

Connecting the Dots

EMB was already an OnBoard customer, so the initial decision to evaluate OnSemble was easy. “Reviewing success stories (just like this one) showed us how other businesses have benefitted and prompted us to move forward.” says Annemarie.

However, the bank needed to roll out a new solution quickly and didn’t have anyone internally with the capacity to manage the initial design and set-up based on their timeline.

Enter OnSemble

Eastern Michigan Bank’s CEO, William Oldford, Jr., enlisted a team to help with the planning of the intranet and then left the building up to the OnSemble team.  Annemarie was tasked with overseeing the design and implementation of Compass, the name of their OnSemble employee portal. She was excited to partner with OnSemble to help with the initial design and creation. Working with OnSemble allowed them to achieve their vision quickly. 

“I started a COVID-19 response page from a template provided for us by the OnSemble team,” says Annemarie. “While this page was very functional and professional, it barely compares to the design we were able to achieve in the end.”

“Partnering with OnSemble Launch Services provided regular touch base sessions so we could provide feedback along the way.” says Annemariue. “Watching how our landing page was created live was a valuable training tool, and was a great jumping off point for me to create additional pages.”

“Being able to provide feedback during the design process allowed us to move faster and resulted in a more polished end-product.” remarks Annemarie “The first page I attempted to design from scratch took a couple of hours, because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted the user experience to be. Now it takes a fraction of the time to build out a new page that is cohesive with our branding and customized to the goal of that page.”

“Now it takes a fraction of the time to build out a new page that is cohesive with our branding and customized to the goal of that page.”


Compass is a living, breathing platform they can be customized as needed. “I love having the ability to customize for each department based on their needs.” says Annemarie. “OnSemble is very customizable and flexible, allowing it to work for every business’s unique needs. Between Launch Services and Spark (the OnSemble Customer Community), I am confident in our ability to promote employee engagement and utilize the platform features in unique ways.”

A Real-Time Connection Point for Employees

While Compass isn’t live for all employees yet, the bank looks forward to getting a lot of positive feedback from the team and engagement from its employees.

“Employee Recognition, Polls, and Conversations are going to give us the ability to connect in real-time like we’ve never had before. That’s even more important than ever in this time of social distancing and remote working.” says Annemarie. “I’m so excited for the employee engagement pieces and how it might help our employees be more united. Because OnSemble is so intuitive and user friendly, our team will want to visit instead of ‘having to’ visit!”

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