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  • June 2, 2015

Employee Presentation
What a great experience we had at PowWOW this year! For those of you who were there, we felt your excitement about the features and updates that we shared. For those of you who were unable to attend, we are excited to share what is in store. This past year we have felt a renewed sense of energy, passion, and excitement surrounding our Employee Portal Solution. So much so that we felt a new name was in order to mark the start of this new chapter in our story. And so, OnSemble was born.

This forward momentum has led us to some exciting changes that are well underway. We have consolidated feedback from several channels and announced these product innovations at PowWOW for OnSemble 5.0. A free upgrade to all OnSemble customers. We have focused the main advances on making OnSemble more flexible, along with the addition of new islands that make content rich and rewarding within your portal. 

New Look and Feel Achieved with Island Flexibility

We are excited to announce a significant improvement to the look and feel of the portal. With this update, you will be able to easily resize and rearrange your portal islands. Gone are the days that you are tied only to the limited page layouts provided. Using drag and drop and a grid with ‘snap to’, ‘bring to front’ and ‘send to back’ capabilities you will be able to easily make rich and powerful pages.  In addition, we have introduced the ability to turn off island skins and define an island background color, resulting in a cleaner looking page

Carousel Island

The much loved rotating component is no longer limited to a Custom Landing page. OnSemble 5.0 will include a new Carousel Island to add dynamic content on pages to keep it fresh and inviting. This easy to set up island can be added to any portal page, providing you the ability to rotate through images with text and hyperlinks as well as user profiles. 

Image Island

OnSemble 5.0 will introduce a new Image Island. A slim version of the portal text editor that allows you to upload an image and easily hyperlink the images to portal pages or websites. Text can be placed anywhere on the image without having an HTML expertise. Easily create islands to display quotes of the day, news items, memes, photos and more. 

Other Highlights

– Ability to turn off the island skins completely -quick and easy.
– Easy access to an actions dropdown menu instead of  navigating to an ‘Actions’ page.
– Ability to delete island easily without having to use the recycle bin.
– Updated icons provide a fresh look and feel.
– Birthday and Anniversary Islands can now be set to show only workgroup members.

OnSemble Support and Community Center

We are thrilled to introduce a new and improved OnSemble Support Center. With this new Support Center you can quickly view any tickets for yourself or your organization, comment on tickets, and close out tickets yourself. We also recently launched our new OnSemble Community. Get in and follow topics to see what other customers are saying and join in on the conversations. We have also assembled a vast volume of training resources including: updated guides, video tutorials, self-help articles and weekly online trainings.

Preview and Feedback Sessions

To see a preview of the new functionality and provide feedback, please register for any of the webinars.

OnSemble 5.0
June 10th, 2pm ET  Register Now
June 25th, 2 pm ET Register Now

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