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  • April 1, 2015

ROI with Employee PortalsIn 2009, Enrichment Federal Credit Union signed with Passageways, purchasing an Employee Portal with the intention of growing their business and taking their collaboration the next level. As of 2013, Enrichment employs 120 individuals, serves 39,917 customers, and boasts over $300 million in assets. Enrichment Federal Credit Union attributes

their growth to great leadership, hard work, and great tools, such as Passageways OnSemble Employee Intranet, that have allowed employees to focus on what is important, their customers.

Prior to 2009, Enrichment, like most organizations, were still using paper as a primary means of facilitating processes. Katherine Flinchum, Portal Administrator, had this to say, “Our documentation including forms were mostly a mess. We had systems in place to ensure employees could find the information they needed within our archaic file system, but the time it would take an employee to find the appropriate information, and then act upon it, was abysmal. When your focus is customer service you can’t afford to keep a customer or potential customer waiting for 10 minutes while you search out the appropriate form and piece of information to answer a question.” These time delays were commonplace and the difficulty surrounding their processes had nearly become a part of their organizational culture. Employees simply accepted that the information they needed could not be accessed any faster. However, Enrichment management recognized the problem occurring from this disorganization and the impact it was having on the customer, and decided to act.

“Passageways was the clear solution to our problems” Flinchum recounts. “The vast array of easy to use tools, combined with their extensive knowledge of the industry and understanding of our needs made our decision to choose (Passageways) a no-brainer.”

Enrichment FCU spent roughly 50 days working with Passageways’ Implementation team before rolling out their Employee Portal. Their first task was to move all their documents and forms into the portal.

The implementation team at Passageways helped make this transition smooth through trainings and guided help ensuring a smooth switch was facilitated. The Document Repository within the Employee Portal allowed users to use a full-text search to quickly find the documents needed in a flash. Flinchum states that an average of 10 minutes was saved per employee, per search, resulting in an immediate improvement in customer service and efficiency. The inclusion of regularly used forms in the portal implementation process saved an additional 6-8 minutes per user by allowing employees to quickly access, fill out, and send for approval man forms that previously delayed transactions. On average this time savings translated to a weekly time savings of 50-60 minutes per employee. Additional cost savings were experienced thanks to the drastic reduction of paper and printing time and costs.

Enrichment Federal Credit Union has continued to grow their portal and their relationship with Passageways by adding more products from Passageways to their Employee Portal. From a Products and Services module which has allowed tellers and Lending Navigators to further reduce wait times and improve customer service to a Help Desk tool which has allowed increased collaboration and communication between departments. However, perhaps one of the most valuable returns Enrichment has experienced from their investment with Passageways has been the inclusion and improvement of the company’s culture.

Enrichment Federal Credit Union’s employees quickly embraced their new tool. As functionality has been added over the years, Enrichment’s Employee Portal has only become a more regularly used piece of each employee’s day. It is precisely this reason that the Employee Portal has become a central vehicle for the organizations culture. The Employee Portal touches every part of the organization. Flinchum guesses that each employee visits the Employee Portal at least twice a day. When the management team began to recognize the reach and power this tool contained they knew it would be a perfect way to improve the culture of Enrichment Federal Credit Union.

The user friendly Employee Portal allowed admins to include a bit of fun into their employees day. Thinklers are riddles that are created weekly by portal admins to lead employees on digital treasure hunts that take users to important pages that contain updated information or new versions of documents.

Newton is a portal mascot that appears on different pages within the portal weekly. Users log in in their spare time and search for the mascot, which usually will result in the user discovering a new page, piece of information, or even the start of a Thinkler. These treasure hunts have served as a way to keep employees coming back to the portal for practical use every day. Flinchum feels that employees are genuinely excited to use their employee portal and the inclusion of these tools allows the organization to reinforce their culture of fun, fast, customer service.

Thanks to the time saved using the Employee Portal to drastically reduce process inefficiency, the culture has changed to allow users to focus on what is important, their customers. The time savings associated with being able to search for information quickly from any station has freed up employee time to allow the management to embrace and reinforce fun in the workplace, making Enrichment Federal Credit Union not only a great place to work, but a great place to be a customer.

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