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  • April 16, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way we work.

Gather Federal Credit Union in Lihue, Hawaii is learning a new way of doing business. The credit union now has some staff working from home and some staff have relocated to other branches to split departments. 

Utilizing the Pineapple Patch – Gather’s OnSemble intranet portal – has been critical to keeping staff informed and up to date.

“We are utilizing announcements and just recently published a page dedicated to COVID-19 updates,” says IT Programmer/Analyst Alannah Texeira. “On this page, we use a blog for any employee updates and offer credible resources for staff to educate themselves. On top of that, we added a ‘Voice Your Concerns’ box for staff to submit their suggestions/ideas on what we can do to help keep members and staff safe.”

Gather Focuses on Remote

Overall, Gather has been putting more efforts into promoting remote services in an effort to cut down on in-person contact.

  • The credit union segregated the main branch’s two floors to limit in-person contact between the two.
  • While all five branches remain open for business on weekdays, modifications have bee made to the hours. Two hours in the morning (9am-11am) are set aside for elderly members and those with medical conditions (nobody is turned away, but the staff requests that other members be respectful of those time frames).
  • After 11am, two branches close completely and staff are shifted to the busier branches to assist with getting members in and out much quicker. Busier branches remain open for normal business hours. 
  • On Saturdays, the lobby has been closed. Transactions are conducted through the drive-thru windows.

OnSemble Helps the Team Inspire Each Other

With events changing daily, Alannah tries to provide any updates quickly on the Pineapple Patch (OnSemble). She also tries to keep things fun.

“Our CEO shared a music video (“Heal The World”) to remind staff to stay positive and to know that we will get through this time,” says Alannah. “After a suggestion from my wonderful OnSemble Customer Success Manager, Erin Mitchell, I may even create a conversation board that can be used by staff to post how and what they’re doing during this pandemic and to send little pieces of inspiration to one another!”

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