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  • September 16, 2021

Gawley Plastic Surgery Company Culture Keeps Teams Informed and Aligned

Gawley Plastic Surgery Success Story

The Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, practice of board-certified plastic surgeons Drs. Bryan W. Gawley & Jennifer A. Geoghegan specialize in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Heather St. Peter, M.D. is a board-certified anesthesiologist and Medical Director of the North Scottsdale Outpatient Surgery Center which is included in the all-encompassing Gawley Companies. The Gawley Plastic Surgery and North Scottsdale Outpatient Surgery teams provide the best possible aesthetic services to patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. Through high-quality products and procedures along with friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff, the company serves the metro Phoenix area with four office locations.

The Challenge:

Bryan Gawley, MD, FACS, is one of the premiere plastic surgeons in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area and founder of Gawley Plastic Surgery, MDSkin® Lounge and MDSkin® Bar. Company culture is very important to the Gawley companies and being connected with his staff is especially important to Dr. Gawley. Rapid company growth, including 4 office locations, a surgery center, and plans to expand in a neighboring state led Dr. Gawley to seek a comprehensive solution.

The company that manages their public website(s) built a concept demo of an intranet, and while inspired by the potential, Dr. Gawley felt the solution, “could be so much more!” Around that time, Dr. Gawley received an email from OnSemble, so he asked Director of Marketing Sherri Farris to research the options. The choice was made to implement the plug & play OnSemble Intranet for its ease of use and little to no HTML required.

The Solution:

The intranet has really helped support company culture while increasing transparency and employee efficiency.

“As we grow, we focus more on company culture. Our intranet is core to keeping our diverse teams informed and culturally aligned. The Gawley Companies culture promotes Clinical Excellence, Client Experience, Culture, Consistency and Charitable Giving,” stated Sherri Farris.

All employees log into the intranet each morning for the latest announcements, quick access to documents and internal resources, to recognize staff through their Shoutout board, and to enter points for supplier products (Botox, etc.) They also highlight and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on the company calendar.

“Everyone starts their morning on the main page. It has become the holy grail for employees to access all the information they need,” said Senior Project Manager Sara McCaffrey.

Gawley Plastic Surgery homepage drives company culture and communication

The main page displays the “Friday Focus” video newsletter, the company calendar, a listing of key announcements and provides access to the following information from 6 buttons:

  1. Shoutout Board – Employee Recognition
  2. My ADP – for all things payroll related, time off requests, etc.
  3. Outlook – to access emails
  4. Employee Treatment Request Form
  5. Allergan Advantage – supplier products point system
  6. Aspire– supplier products point system

Gawley Plastic Surgery Shoutout Board

Shoutout Board: The Gawley teams use their portal daily for employee recognition – be it for individuals or teams. On the left are quick tips on how to use #UnicornLove and on the right are 3 sections – the Unicorn wall, My #UnicornLove and Send #UnicornLove.

“It’s so uplifting to see the interactions between staff. People really jump at responding to the shoutouts too. Every recognition gets so many comments and likes from other team members. We focus on each other’s strengths,” said Sara.

“To have a place that is visible to the whole team and is truly measurable, because we can pull reports for the leadership team, is a great asset.”

Gawley MDSkin Page Dashboard reinforces company culture

Dashboards are currently used for the MDSkin® Club membership. The company has milestone goals of which is currently one thousand members, and the dashboard provides transparency on the progress. “Our teams are very visual, so this is a great tool,” said Sara.

Announcements and alerts have helped them cut down on email clutter. They used to send many onboarding emails, for example. Now, all the onboarding communications are done via OnSemble.

The company also deploys Help Desks for requesting IT equipment and fulfilling marketing requests for the 4 divisions. It used to be difficult to manage all the requests for printed material requests streaming in through email. Now Sherri uses Ticket Manager in the Help Desk to handle all the tracking – who ordered what, discounts, quantities, and trends. It has saved her quite a bit of time to manage the marketing requests.

Across the top of the page, employees can easily access additional information about [The Gawley] Companies, Departments, Requests (Marketing requests using Help Desk), Team Everything (employee profiles by department), the company’s Websites (there are many!), and Quick Links to a plethora of resources like upcoming events, skin health tips, employee handbook, the Learning Center, meeting agendas, MDSkin Club and Pitney Bowes.

Gawley Gala special announcement

The Result:

“The Intranet has really helped centralize communication within our growing company.”   – Dr. Bryan Gawley

“The new hire onboarding initiatives have done a 180 since our launch. It has significantly increased our new hire engagement with our resources by 90%.”                         – Sara McCaffrey

“95% of our team feels they can easily navigate the Intranet which directly speaks to the ease of access to company resources.”                                                                                                           – Sherri Farris

Company culture is always in the forefront. Sherri’s marketing team produces the Friday Focus weekly video newsletter to keep the team informed. They share great online customer reviews in the newsletter and showcase a “product of the month” with a percentage of proceeds going to a staff-chosen charity.

“We love cheering each other on, and the intranet has been a great tool to support our efforts,” said Sherri. “Our team loves the employee recognition island. We also love to recognize and celebrate employee birthdays and anniversaries. We welcome new employees. Our mascot is the unicorn, so we call new staff “unicorns” and share “#UnicornLove” as employee recognition.”

What is your advice for new customers just getting started with OnSemble?

  • Rely on the OnSemble team. They are the experts for a reason. They can help you get to where you’re going more quickly.
  • Our OnSemble Customer Success Manager was readily available to assist with bringing our vision to life.

“It took us a while to implement. We involved the whole team to figure out what we needed and what it should look like. We are glad we did. Because employees were engaged in the creation of our intranet, they now all embrace and use it daily,” stated Sara.

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