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  • July 31, 2015

OnSemble Spotlight on Hometown Bank
Established in 2003, the HomeTown Bank of Alabama is a community bank that has three locations in small towns across Alabama. Locally owned and operated, they are committed to a personal banking experience and being actively involved in the communities they serve. We spoke with Amy Holmes, Home Town Bank’s Project Manager, about their experience implementing OnSemble. What follows is a transcript of our conversation, lightly edited for clarity and length.

What was your success criteria when you launched OnSemble

Amy Holmes: Our goal was to replace our current share drive, which is where we were exchanging all our information and keeping all of our documents and forms every day. We just wanted to move all of that onto this so it’d be more efficient.

Who on your team participated with your implementation?

A: We really didn’t have a large team, it just took myself and a person from IT, then we pulled one person from each department within the bank. Then we made a team out of that so we could break it up. Each department had a person responsible for their department’s page. We all got together and decided how we wanted it to look and what our initial goals were. We wanted each department’s page to be similar because we do cross train so much.

Can you share some highlights of your portal implementation?

I was surprised that it was as easy as it was to build and put together our portal. The fact that you already have ideas out there so we didn’t have to start from scratch was great; none of us are very creative. We were able to follow what you had out there and tweak it for us.

After launch, what feedback have you received from employees?

Overall, employees like it and they’re able to navigate it easily. Nobody has called me and been not able to find something that is up there. As far as usage, it’s been great.

What are the next steps for your portal?

A: Right now, the next phase is going to be vendor management. At some point, we’re going to look into forms but I think that’s going to be end of this year, possibly next year.

What advice would you share with a customer just getting started?

I can’t think of anything, it’s just so easy. If we did it easily, I’m sure anybody could. Make sure you pull from every department to get their input. It was great that we had everybody represented on our team. Our biggest challenge for us was that all of our users were not using the same Internet Explorer version so we struggled getting it to where everybody on the same version. I think if we had realized at the start we needed everybody on the same version, we would have been a lot better off. It would have been huge for us.

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