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  • August 17, 2012

When most people think of a computerized Help Desk system, they immediately think of all the trouble tickets that get sent to the IT department.  “My computer won’t turn on”, “My password doesn’t work”, “The printer keeps eating my report,” are all common requests the IT department sees in a Help Desk.  But did you know that the Passageways Help Desk Module can do all that, and SO much more?  Well I put together a quick list of three ways that current Passageways users are taking advantage of the Help Desk Module and using it in totally unique ways that are very far from just the traditional IT Help Desk.

1. Facilities Problems

Ever need a light bulb changed?  Is the water fountain is shooting a 4 foot stream of hot water?  How does you company currently handle these situations?  You probably send out an e-mail to a supervisor, who then in-turn e-mails a facilities manager, who then e-mails a facilities person to fix the problem.  There is no central place for an average employee to get help.  Plus the only time that you know anything is getting fixed is when the job is done.  E-mail doesn’t have the accountability or tracking that is needed for requests.  A Passageways Help Desk can be setup on a central location to allow specific people access to send in a request.  All the request information will then have a direct path to the people who can get the request finished.  Plus there’s tracking to maintain the accountability factor.

2. Human Resources Requests

A company’s Human Resources department is one of the most vitally important departments to the morale of your organization.  It’s traditional HR’s job to handle employee benefits and payroll.  When an employee’s benefits or payroll is incorrect, problems can quickly get out of control.  By using a Help Desk an employee can quickly submit a request to a specified HR representative, who will receive an alert that there is a request.  The rep can input comments into the request letting the employee know that the problem is being handled.  When the rep has completed the request, an alert can be sent to the employee letting them know the resolution.  This helps HR fix the problems faster and easier.  This makes all parties a lot happier.

3. Additional Training

Keeping employees trained on the latest information is always a challenge for an organization.  With regulations getting tighter and tighter, staff’s need for training and knowledge has increased dramatically.  A Training Help Desk is a great place to have a central location to request addition training.  If an employee needs to be caught up on the latest in regulatory procedures, a Help Desk request can be sent in with all the communication and tracking needed to help get that employee trained.  As the Training Specialist here at Passageways, this Help Desk is a little near to my heart.

The Passageways Help Desk Module can help your organization in a variety of ways to improve communications and frequent requests.  These are just three of some of the great ways that I have seen the Module being used.  What ways is your organization using it?

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