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  • December 18, 2019

Jefferson Bank Big Give (1)At Passageways we love having customers that are making a difference in their communities. We would like to share with you how a member of our Passageways Family, Jefferson Bank in San Antonio, TX, went above and beyond to make a difference in their communities with their 2019 BIG GIVE. Using OnSemble they organized and engaged around 350 employees across 11 branches to truly improve where they live. By dividing their efforts across 3 locations in the greater San Antonio area they were able to help more and do more.

Location 1: New Braunfels, TX

Staff assigned to location 1 helped two different organizations. One was the local food bank and the second provides support to breast cancer survivors and patients. Employees had the opportunity to volunteer at the food bank holiday event or purchase gifts for the family of breast cancer patients.  By using the portal, stories about the impacted families and the wish lists of the children were shared with employees. In addition, the Bank donated money to both organizations. The portal also helped by letting employees sign up for volunteer shifts at the holiday party.

Jeffnet1Location 2: San Antonio, TX

Staff selected an organization that assists homeless families in finding shelter and get back on their feet. There were three different ways employees were able to volunteer – buy gifts for the children of the families in this program, purchase items to include in a “Recipe in a Pot,” and sort and inventory all of the gifts collected for the children in the program.  Through the portal, each team was able to see children’s wish lists and then select a child or Recipe in a Pot. Recipes in a Pot which included a recipe along with all the supplies needed to prepare that recipe, including pots, pans, and utensils. Using the Calendar tool in the portal, employees could also sign up for shifts to help the organization sort and inventory all gifts received by the organization. The Bank also gave a donation to the organization.

Location 3: Boerne, TX

Location 3 chose to help by donating towards Child Protective Services care packages and an organization that offers volunteer opportunities to feed individuals through a local senior center. The care packages go to children who are being relocated to new foster homes. They give the children comfort as well as essentials they often times don’t have. Employees could also volunteer to feed the seniors during the holidays. The Bank again gave donations to both organizations.Jeffnet 2

Participation was through the roof with over 85% of employees volunteering their time and support to make this initiative a huge success. The employees of Jefferson Bank were able to provide gifts for over 200 families, provide over 100 meals for homeless families transitioning into housing to try and get back on their feet and helped fill countless care packages. In total, the bank donated $73,000 in gifts and donations.

Through customized banners, carousels and pages Jefferson Bank was able to give this initiative the big splash it needed to be successful. Jefferson Bank creatively used OnSemble workgroups to house the information on the Big Give opportunities for each location. PDF wish lists and access to Sign Up Genius were all put at everybody’s fingertips and made signing up to help a breeze.

During the holidays we love to celebrate, but we love to celebrate our customers even more. We truly have the best customers. Celebrate with us Jefferson Bank and their success. Our customers constantly inspire us to be better and do more for this world.

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