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  • July 3, 2018


Passageways OnSemble Intranet Health Check Assessment

How does your intranet stack up? The best intranets are more than just document repositories, more than a place to fill out timesheets – amazing intranets are central hubs that connect every employee.

But intranets don’t just become that default hub. It requires buy-in, it demands your intranet be amazingly useful, it must put your culture front and center. After 15 years of experience, hundreds of portal implementations, and thousands of conversations with customers, we have developed a tool to assess your intranets health. It’s a short and insightful assessment tool that will help you evaluate whether it’s time to look at improving your employee intranet.

Intranet Health Check: Where Does Your Intranet Stand?

Why did we make this intranet assessment? Because when there’s alignment between employee engagement and real-world usefulness, your intranet becomes the backbone of your organization – a true digital workspace. And it’s a story we’ve heard repeatedly, when organizations make their intranet fun and engaging, it drives adoption.

Once you get your employees engaged with something fun, they are going to start using your intranet. And that’s the number one most important thing, you want your employees to embrace it.Aimee Glerum, Oswego Federal Credit Union’s Vice President of Lending.

All too frequently organizations don’t realize why their intranet seems like a chore. Often it’s just too hard to make and maintain pages, sometimes it’s that employees don’t find it compelling: a poor intranet can make work just take longer. When employees check out, you are left with a zombie intranet; it’s officially alive but without a soul. That’s the worst possible outcome, and it’s why it’s our mission to help organizations identify what’s going wrong, so they can breathe new life into their intranet. To help create a digital workspace that draws employees in to create a virtuous cycle of engagement, workflows, and collaboration.

If you want to know whether your intranet is built for a modern digital workplace, take a few minutes and evaluate where your intranet stands.

You might be surprised.

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