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  • October 23, 2019

And a new location for 2020!

We just wrapped up 3 amazing days of collaborating, networking, learning and sharing and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

In reviewing our mission as an organization and the benefits of our annual user conference, we kept coming back to one central theme: Connections. In an effort to better align as an inclusive global brand we wanted to change our conference to a name that better reflected the heart, soul, and purpose of OnSemble. We know this conference is a valuable resource to our customers and provides them with a place to connect with Pathfinders, thought leaders, and most importantly each other.

OnSemble allows you to connect with your employees and our annual user conference enables you to connect with us and your peers to be inspired. So, PowWOW has a new name: OnSemble Connect and we’re announcing that OnSemble Connect will be held September 28-30 in Nashville, TN.

Why should you be there? Here are our top 4 reasons to attend OnSemble Connect 2020.

  1. Learn Something New

Whether it’s in our hands-on classroom-style training sessions during OnSemble University or in Customer lead Breakout sessions, will have tracks and best practices perfect for all levels – from new employees seeking to learn the best tips to advanced users wanting to expand what’s possible on your portal.

Finally, if you haven’t had an opportunity to explore the new OnSemble releases over the past year, we’ll be hosting sessions around everything new.

Whether you have new team members, need a refresher, or just want to get to know our solutions better, come, learn, and enjoy.

  1. Meet Someone New

One of the biggest benefits of our annual conference is the opportunity to connect, learn, and share among your peers. We’ve heard from countless attendees that they learned a new best practice or saw an inspiring new portal design and came home motivated to drive change. The people who come to Connect share so much in common from their roles and responsibilities to a shared passion for Passageways solutions that this is an event where friendships bloom.

Those friendships make Connect an impactful event, bringing together bright minds that are helping drive the future of digital collaboration.

  1. Help Shape the Future

Passageways product managers will provide information about our strategic vision for OnSemble. Connect attendees not only have a front row seat, they have the opportunity to shape the future of our products by talking face to face with the Passageways team, meaning your ideas make it into our products. From unique use cases that drive future development, to improvement that can be made, the Passageways team takes your feedback and runs with it – driving the future of our products and making digital transformation possible.

  1. Walk Home with an Award

Our Bestie awards, where our customers share remarkable new ways to increase ROI, design awesome pages, and raise employee engagement and productivity, are always a highlight of the event. The Bestie awards ceremony sets the stage for celebration and recognition of the best of the best. Plus, there’s dinner, drinks and the opportunity to share in each joy of each other’s accomplishments. To be considered for a Bestie, just email your Customer Success Manager about how to get your submission in!

The night doesn’t end there – we’ll have additional opportunities for fun and networking.

If you’ve attended our user conference in the past, you know how empowering it feels to take home the amazing ideas you learned throughout the conference. We hope you’ll join us in Nashville Sept 28-30 2020! Get your ticket by Oct 31 and save, using the promo code PRE20.

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