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  • November 12, 2018

Who are you and when did you start working here?

I have been a Pathfinder now for a little over five years! When I interviewed at Passageways, it was in the basement of Purdue Federal, and I have this vivid memory that I had to take down a stack of chairs to sit with our Vice President of Customer Success. I have seen us grow from our small beginnings, working out of that old space in the research park, to our new office where we are now. It’s been a fantastic journey to be a part of!

What do you do here?

For my first three years at Passageways I was a Customer Success Manager, helping our customers find value in our products and helping them with anything and everything. Two years ago, I transitioned into the role of Implementation Manager. Today, I get to help all of our newest Passageways family members implement our employee intranet, OnSemble. From the first day they join the family through launch, I help bring their creative energy and ideas to life on their portal.

What is a typical workday like?

I am jumping into a variety of different calls with our new groups, at all sorts of different stages in the implementation process, all day long! I do a lot of listening – listening to pain points of their current solution, processes, or gaps. Once I know exactly what their goals are for their new portal, I work to provide the absolute best recommendations on how to get the most value out of OnSemble. I facilitate brainstorming, getting internal groups aligned around goals, and get to witness a lot of light bulb moments as people understand just how much of an impact OnSemble will make in their organization.

What is your fondest memory of working at Passageways?

Planning our company parties with Karissa Fritz. We like to celebrate and find a good reason to throw a bash. We’ve been in charge of getting Pathfinders together for our company picnic, holidays parties, birthdays, new employee celebrations, milestones reached – the list goes on. We work very hard throughout the day but to be able to pause and help bring Passageways employees together for a social occasion is another passion of mine. I like to say that it’s one of my many strengths

What is your favorite part of working here?

I would have to say our company culture. It is one of a kind and the people we get to work with each day truly do become family. PowWOW is a close second, it’s a chance for us to show off our culture as well as interact with all of our amazing customers. My favorite time of the year!

What’s is the craziest or silliest thing to ever happen at work or a work event?

There are so many. I still remember all of us going up on the rooftop of our downtown historic building, no rails or walls around the sides of the building, it can be quite scary. So we were taking all of our trash cans to the roof and doing the Ice bucket challenge. We even got Paroon our CEO up there and he did it. It was for a good cause but also pretty funny to watch! There may or may not be youtube footage of this somewhere??

[Editors Note, there is: Ice Bucket Challenge]

What makes Passageways unique compared to previous jobs you have worked?

Our culture and our workspace. We all work pretty collaboratively so we have an open concept office. There may or may not have been nerf gun wars here before. No comment. But if there had been nerf gun wars, it would certainly make Passageways different than previous jobs!

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