• By: Lori Byrd-McDevitt
  • December 3, 2019

There are so many reasons to love OnSemble 7 the latest release of our inspired intranet! In this blog series, we’ll share all of them–with a special twist. You’ll hear from four of the brilliant folks on the Passageways team who brought these updates to life. They all have one thing in common–they are deeply proud to work on the beloved drag-and-drop intranet, and they each have worked hard to ensure that OnSemble inspires even more employee engagement. Let’s get to know Adam. (Then be sure to meet Alyssa and Kris, too!)

Adam Dian is the fearless Development Team Lead behind the OnSemble 7 release. Currently the development lead, Adam is a full-stack senior engineer who’s been at Passageways for over four years. When it comes to the OnSemble 7 release, he’s most fired up about how much power users now have to customize layouts and the intuitive updates that have been made to the Page Builder and Work Group Essentials. 

Favorite thing about working at Passageways

For Adam, one of the best things about being on the Passageways team is that everyone is friends with each other. People don’t come and go, which says something. The staff has grown quickly in recent years, from a staff of twenty to thirty people, to over one-hundred. Even still, it feels cozy and friendly.

What he’s up to outside of work

Adam is a “normal nerd”—plus a new dad! That means he just installed Disney+ (like the rest of us), but he also just got back from Disney World (probably not like the rest of us.) There he was obviously building his lightsaber and doing all the things nerds do in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 

Adam also likes to run marathons. He most recently ran the Indy Mini. (Needless to say, we’re quite impressed considering this dad is “running” on such little sleep!) 

How he made OnSemble 7 awesome

Did you know you can use OnSemble 7 to create digital signage in your office lobbies? Imagine the possibilities! For B2C organizations, the public and your employees can see your company’s branding and messaging in your lobby, and it will be consistent with your intranet! While this had previously been technically possible, Adam and the team took this potential and made it even easier for users to do more with OnSemble 7. 

  • The Digital Display Shell is your go-to for digital signage! The Flat Screen layout is now customizable with horizontal or vertical orientation, removable sidebars and navigation, and a main content area that is primed and ready for whatever you can dream up.
  • Consider how the Digital Display Shell can work harder for you with demos at conferences. Now OnSemble is your wingman when you’re on the road—serving up your important stats and information that will seal the deal. 
  • When you use the Digital Display Shell for your lobby signage you can keep your staff’s goals top of mind with a metrics dashboard! Think of ways to integrate your sales team’s stats into your layout, or any other information that’s important to share on-the-daily.

Learn more about one of the first companies to try out digital signage with OnSemble, The State Bank of Lizton.

There’s a whole lot more to adore about OnSemble 7! Meet the rest of our design team—and learn more about the latest OnSemble updates—when you read parts 1, 2 of this blog series.(part 4 coming soon) 

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