• By: Lori Byrd-McDevitt
  • November 22, 2019

There are so many reasons to love the latest release of OnSemble! In this blog series, we’ll share all of themwith a special twist. You’ll hear from four of the brilliant folks on the Passageways team who brought these updates to life. They all have one thing in common–they are deeply proud to work on the beloved drag-and-drop intranet, and they each have worked hard to ensure that OnSemble inspires even more employee engagement. Let’s get to know Alyssa. (Then be sure to meet Kris too!)

Alyssa Stetson is a Product Designer at Passageways with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Mobile and Interactive Design from the beautiful Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  She’s loved working on OnSemble 7 because of the collaboration among the team. When you’re tackling the challenge of modernizing a user interface, you need a friendly, smart group of people to find that best approach—and that is the OnSemble design team! 

Favorite thing about working at Passageways:

For Alyssa, the people are what make Passageways special. Her team creates an upbeat environment where everyone is excited to come to work and, most importantly, everyone is treated with respect… She’s also had the opportunity to help other departments on design work outside of Products, including the marketing team. This includes the PowWOW conference, where the team helped make the signage, slide decks that pop, and so much more!

What she’s up to outside of work:

Alyssa stays inspired by looking into what other designers are doing. This helps her stay on the cutting edge. She keeps fit by working out on the regular and keeps up with her former college sports team—SCAD Women’s Lacrosse—by watching their games online.

How she made OnSemble 7 awesome: 

Alyssa has been hard at work improving the user experience in Workgroup Essentials. She’s most excited about the efficiency in workflows and helping to make the space as user friendly as possible, eliminating opportunities for human errors that can cause frustration. (Because who needs more frustration when you’re at work? No one!)

The old way to delete a page

Deleting pages has never been so stylish in OnSemble 7

Here are some of the key updates: 

  • Workgroups are the digital watercooler of OnSemble. They’re an essential tool for managers, allowing them to share important information with their teams, from announcements to events to group emails. Coming soon, Workgroups will provide even more insights through analytics! Two pie charts will illustrate the team’s top pages and workgroup usage, helping to encourage even more team engagement.
  • Workgroup Managers will breathe easy thanks to lots of new, intuitive updates. These include quickly renaming a folder or page from the navigation, editing a Workgroup Page directly from the Public Page, and more easily creating a new Workgroup Template.
  • And because we’re all human, Alyssa helped eliminate unintentional destructive actions, like deleting or deactivating a Workgroup. There are now multiple checks on these actions to prevent mistakes, and a final confirmation. (Thank goodness designers are smarter than the rest of us!)

There’s a whole lot more to adore about OnSemble 7! Meet the rest of our design team—and learn more about the latest OnSemble updates—when you read parts 1, (3 and 4 coming soon) of this blog series.

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