• By: Lori Byrd-McDevitt
  • November 20, 2019

There are so many reasons to love the latest release of OnSemble! In this blog series, we’ll share all of them–with a special twist. You’ll hear from four of the brilliant folks on the Passageways team who brought these updates to life. They all have one thing in common–they are deeply proud to work on the beloved drag-and-drop intranet, and they each have worked hard to ensure that OnSemble inspires even more employee engagement. Let’s get to know Kris. (Then be sure to meet Neo, Alyssa, and Adam, too!)

Kris Samuel is a Product Designer at Passageways with a background in UX and UI design. An artist at heart, she enjoys working around tech-minded people. She explained, “Both of my parents are chemical engineers and they raised me (tongue-in-cheek) to believe that engineers are the greatest people.”

Favorite thing about working at Passageways:
For Kris, the best thing about being on the Passageways team is not being the smartest person in the room. “I’m pushed and stretched and I get to observe people who have more experience than I do. I get to learn up close, not only the skills and the craft and best practices, but also the way people problem solve.” This is a good time to remind you of this classic piece of advice: If you’re the smartest person in the room, leave the room.

What she’s up to outside of work:
Year-round, you can often find Kris in the nearby downtown YMCA. When she’s not gym, Kris is likely adventuring with friends in any number of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. But not without her sidekick, her cat Obi wan, nearby. Kris also enjoys curling up at home with a good book, or spending time hanging out with friends and coworkers, whether it’s at karaoke …or even skydiving with fellow designer Alyssa!

How she made OnSemble 7 awesome:
When sharing about her work on OnSemble, Kris quoted the classic line from French writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry—“Perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” Kris and fellow [Product Designer Alyssa Stetson] (and skydiving daredevil) took this philosophy to heart when they ensured the OnSemble User Interface and User Experience became more modern and intuitive.

Old Navigation and Icons

New OnSemble 7 Navigation and Icons

Here are some of the key updates:
  • Both Vertical and Horizontal Navigation users now have a cleaner and simpler experience. While the functionality is the same, there is more visual breathing room and better spacing and alignment. Go ahead, take a deep breath.
  • Previously everything, and we mean everything, had an icon, which made the interface very dense. Now both Vertical and Horizontal Navigation users will notice more intuitive page icons on only the most significant elements. For instance, now you can quickly distinguish between Content and URL Pages, as well as Public and Private Pages.
  • Our Document Repository also has a new, updated interface so your important files, forms, videos, and procedures are right where you need them, every time. Think of it as your company’s epic digital library—the historic library at Alexandria will pale in comparison!

There’s a whole lot more to learn about Kris! Check out this blog to see her full Q&A. Then meet the rest of our design team to see all there is to adore about the latest OnSemble updates. 

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