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  • April 30, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way we connect at work.

City & County Credit Union is learning to navigate their new environment now that they are working differently (lobbies are closed to the public) and remotely (employees are working from home). Maintaining corporate culture has never been more important or challenging. OnSemble is helping employees stay engaged and connected while staying safe.

The credit union is getting creative and having some fun in the process.

“We have asked staff to share pictures of things they’ve been doing during their off-hours while we are in lock-down,” says Organizational Development Manager Erin Jones. “These have been shared on our Announcements page on a carousel island in our portal. It’s been fun to see some of the hobbies people have or are taking up while they have ‘extra time.'”

“We have a committee called Team Impact that comes up with fun activities for the credit union at least once a month,” added Erin. “During this pandemic, we are finding ways to have fun together while working differently. For example, we are planning a trivia contest about our Senior management team that will be sent through the Announcements page – we’re hoping to include baby pictures of each one, too, so we can see how far they’ve come – it should be a lot of fun!”

Along with the virtual activities, the credit union’s senior management has been purchasing lunch on Thursdays for all staff working in the branches.

OnSemble Helps the Team Organize All-Staff Conference Calls

City & County’s senior management has also held a bi-weekly all-staff conference call to answer staff questions, share updates, and communicate about anything else that might be relevant. OnSemble plays an important role here, too.

“Prior to the calls, questions from staff are collected through SurveyMonkey, which is linked on our Announcements page,” says Erin. “Those questions are answered during the Q&A portion of the call.” 

The meetings are conducted via Zoom and the recordings get shared on a dedicated COVID-19 Resources page.

OnSemble Helps Raise Awareness about Company Policies and News

 “We are finding that our Announcements page of the portal is extremely important in ensuring everyone is aware when information is shared about company policies or news,” says Erin. “For example, we use a ‘Status Now’ island on our Announcements page to share information about system statuses (i.e. updates, off-line periods, etc.)  This provides staff with a one-stop place to find all news that could affect how they are able to work throughout the day.”

“I think it (OnSemble/Passageways) is a great tool that allows us to communicate easier with our staff.”

Patrick Pierce
CEO and President, City & County Credit Union

“As an employee of the credit union, it is really helpful to me to know that all the information related to COVID-19 is in one place,” shared Danielle Arthur, VP of Compliance and Risk Management. “I don’t have to search through emails or wonder where I saw something. I also appreciate that there are pieces related to me as a person, not just as an employee.  As a member of the senior team, I am grateful to have a resource for our employees. This helps provide guidance and shows our employees that we know this is important and we are here to support them.”

Robin Downing, VP of Human Resources is equally enthusiastic.

“The COVID-19 Resources page on City Center is recognizing the whole person and the efforts on how best to provide information to support staff and their families too through these challenging and unique times we are in,” Robin added.

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