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  • October 28, 2015

Portal Analytics
Introducing the OnSemble Analytics Tool, a comprehensive tool to analyze OnSemble statistics. Portal Analytics help you drive outcomes by allowing you to to see exactly how employees utilize your intranets. Check whether key documents are being viewed and updated. Review the most accessed pages and track their level of engagement. All reports are exportable into an excel file. With this greater insight, data-driven decisions have never been easier

What is this App? 

The OnSemble Analytics Tool is a new reporting app that provides a range of new reports. When the analytics tool launches, you will be able to track metrics including:

Top Active Users
Most Frequently Access Pages
Most Searched Items
Most Popular Islands
Roles and User Counts
Workgroup Manager
Workgroup Assistant Manager
Workgroup Member Counts
Document Last Modified Date
Duplicate Document Names
Document Versions/Check In/Check Out
Document Permissions

Each report is created to run independently of each other and provides the ability to export results to excel for manipulating and further review the data.

What will the OnSemble Analytics Tool allow you to do?

You will be able to pull reports that were not previously available through the portal.  You will no longer need to have database access to discover the data and run sophisticated reports. The tool provides access to these reports that can be granted to any OnSemble user.

When can I get my hands on this?

The OnSemble Analytics Tool is currently in the final stage of development and we are targeting a public release in November.  Be on the lookout for the Connect for SharePoint and OnSemble Analytics Webinar on November 12.

How can I get my hands on this?

The Portal Analytics Tool is coming soon. It’s will be a $2,000 App, but is currently offered at the introductory price of $1000, and can be purchased now. Let your CSM know if you would like to see a demo or if you just wanted to get started. 

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