• By: OnSemble
  • November 17, 2021

System Permissions

Modernized User Experience, New Dependency Workflow and Reports Improve Hiring and Onboarding Process

OnSemble is pleased to announce an upgrade to System Permissions add-on application is now generally available. This important upgrade includes a modernized user experience along with report generation and a dependency workflow.

With this upgrade to System Permissions, we modernized the user experience and enabled organizations to:

  1. Generate Current Permission reports that show all currently assigned permissions for all employees.
  2. Introduce a new dependency workflow for system permission requests.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline onboarding and new hire requests. System Permissions enables you to:
    • Add new hires with a few clicks
    • Ensure new hires have access to systems they need to be successful in their roles.
    • Assign people in operational roles to set up access to needed systems
    • Track whether the employees have access to all systems they need


  • Streamline transfers, promotions and terminations. With System Permissions, you can:
    • Easily handle internal transfers to eliminate any friction with changing roles.
    • Protect your organization and customers by ensuring IT can quickly rescind permissions at termination.
    • Save employees time in taking inventory of all roles and accesses the lost employee had.
    • Mitigate risk around systems access by ensuring compliance within the guidelines of the FFIEC IT Handbook.
    • Generate quick reports on organization-wide system access for internal audits.


Businesses Need to Demonstrate Systems Access Compliance, Mitigate Risk

Organizations are required to demonstrate compliance with FFIEC IT Handbook to mitigate risk around systems access. Organizations need to be able to request new hires and onboard employees in a structured manner. System Permissions add-on application enables you to efficiently give employees access to all the systems they need. It also prevents friction when internal transfers and promotions occur. Additionally, your organization can quickly rescind all system permissions when employee terminations occur.

So, if your organization has been struggling to set up, manage and report on system permissions for your new hires, onboarding, internal promotions or transfers, and employee terminations, the improved System Permissions add-on application will simplify your process.

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