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  • April 21, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the way we work.

American Airlines Credit Union is classified as a critical business and remains operational. Their OnSemble employee intranet, The Hub, has become even more critical as it helps communicate changing regulations, procedures, and staffing.

“As a credit union, we are financial first-responders. We’ve taken many proactive steps to help our members that will provide flexibility as their families’ situations change.”

Brenda Tristan
Government and Industry Relations Manager,
American Airlines Federal Credit Union

“As a credit union, we are financial first-responders,” says Government and Industry Relations Manager Brenda Tristan. “We’ve taken many proactive steps to help our members that will provide flexibility as their families’ situations change.”

OnSemble Helps Establish The Hub as a Primary Source of Communication

Intranet Specialist Krystal Barrad explained some of the ways the credit union uses OnSemble as a primary source of communication.

“We have created a COVID-19 Emergency Loan Products and Services page as well as a Coronavirus Updates ‘news-like’ page,” Krystal says. “It’s a one-stop-shop for everything that has been communicated from leadership as well as changes to procedures as a result of the virus. The Coronavirus Updates page is built in our OnSemble platform with a tabbed island, PTEs and list islands to keep everything as organized as possible.”

Other information shared on this page includes procedural changes, resources for employees, social distancing regulations, government orders, communications from leadership and information provided to American Airlines Credit Union members during this challenging time. The credit union is offering financial tools to its members that include emergency loans, emergency payment relief, early withdrawal of certificate and IRA funds, and financial wellness counseling.

“Our counselors and advocates are here to help members and employees understand their options while having to navigate through tough financial decisions,” says Lois August, Manager Financial Wellness.

How OnSemble Doing Everything from “Generating Smiles to Putting Out Fires”

Efforts to communicate effectively and efficiently would be so much more challenging without The Hub. The Employee Communications and Engagement team says having the employee intranet allows them to address quickly changing news and provide the continuity employees need to stay connected and committed to helping members.

“During this time of uncertainty, we continue to do everything from generating smiles to putting out fires and OnSemble helps us do just that!” says Veronica Martinez, Manager of Employee Experience. “Instead of having to dig through a tower of emails, our staff is able to go to one tidy page to easily find what they are looking for.”

Veronica also explained how the credit union uses OnSemble to engage employees and help them feel connected.

“We are soliciting inspiring quotes from the staff, having pet contests, and even a crazy hat day since so many of us are wearing several at this time,” Veronica says. ” We’re creating engagement opportunities to reach our HDQ staff and our 47 branches throughout the United States. It’s about keeping the momentum of engagement evolving even in tough times, not just when things are hunky-dory.”

OnSemble Helps the Credit Union Move Quickly and Increase Communication

Managing communication challenges didn’t start with COVID-19. For instance, the credit union recently moved into a new building. Once the pandemic hit, however, OnSemble helped the team move quickly and increase communications.

“We had just barely finished moving into our new building and then our organization had to immediately switch gears, address COVID-19 and move as many employees as possible to remote work, making communications even more of a challenge,” Krystal says. “We went from monthly and weekly communications to almost daily updates. We’ve increased our frequency of communication so much that it feels like we are a news staff.”

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