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  • December 13, 2018

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Jefferson Bank is a family-owned-and-operated establishment that takes customer service personally – immortalizing this commitment in a mission statement devoted to building relationships through integrity and responsiveness maintained since inception in 1946. Jefferson Bank brings this passion to their affiliation with Passageways and their adoption and implementation – and how with the effective relaunch of their OnSemble Employee Intranet, Jefferson Bank drove $191,000 ROI. 

Nearly a decade past inception, Projects Manager David Quesada reflects on the state of the Jefferson Bank employee intranet portal in its original form – a portal that had lost direction. An update became a necessity. “The reason we needed a new portal was that we were dealing with outdated information,” David recalls. “We didn’t have a clear-cut owner of our intranet to police it, and make sure things were up to date. We had software on our server that was outdated. We had documents that were hard to find… It just wasn’t very popular.”

It was at this point Jefferson Bank looked toward the solution of rolling a company-wide relaunch of their portal with OnSemble – fondly referred to as JeffNET. With resources pooled across departments and a small team established to create the cohesive look and composite feel of their new employee intranet, David reflected on how injecting a sense of humor into the rollout continued the momentum and successfully gained the support of the entire staff. “In preparing for the relaunch, we decided to use gifs and internet memes to get people hyped up about it,” David fondly remarks.  Adding that personal touch so unique to the voice of their establishment further underlined the commitment to their employees, their mantra, and their dedication to the new OnSemble portal. “It worked out well because we also used employees to star in the gifs. People got a good kick out of it, people cracked up. We like to inject humor where we can.”

The OnSemble relaunch was an immediate success. With all documents stored in one safe place, the new face of JeffNET eliminated redundancy and improved efficiency – with a staggering $191,000 in annual savings. [You can find a presentation on Jeffnet and their ROI here]

Three key factors account for this ROI:

  • Jefferson bank saved $55,000+ in alternative vendor fees and implementation;
  • $80,000 saved by not needing to hire a dedicated employee to manage their intranet;
  • and $56,000 inefficiencies that were eliminated through the project.

The biggest advantage so the relaunch was getting everyone on the same page, ensuring items were discoverable: “Finding documents, being able to search people to call, maybe look up a policy and get the event information – they go to the portal, they go to the training department site, and they sign up there,” David said. When considering revamping an employee intranet portal, David wholeheartedly recommends looking at OnSemble – citing the importance of building long-lasting relationships with a solid foundation in personal experience that is dear to the missions of both Jefferson Bank and Passageways. “I would say absolutely do it,” David remarks. “It was a really good experience! We could have gone another direction, but the relationships that we already established with Passageways were too strong to walk away from – and ultimately, we knew that was the right thing for us to do.”

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