• By: OnSemble
  • November 16, 2021

Policies and Procedures Add-on App

New Workflow Ensures Employees Can Easily Access and Act on Approved Policies and Procedures

OnSemble is pleased to announce our new Policies and Procedures add-on application will soon be generally available. A Policies and Procedures workflow has been one of our top customer requests. We are excited to deliver this new capability by December. OnSemble Policies and Procedures App enables consistent practices to ensure your employees can easily access and act on approved policies and procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Improve compliance of company policies. Policies and Procedures lets you show consistent practices for managing your company policies and procedures.
  • Reduce organizational risk of non-compliance. Policies and Procedures lets you easily capture employee acknowledgements. It also creates an audit trail so you can show examiners how and where your employees access policies and procedures.
  • Improve employee efficiency and business performance. Policies and Procedures helps you save time and resources by replacing manual or inefficient tracking processes.
  • Enhance team collaboration. Role-based personas enable you to seek and track input, review, and approvals across departments.

Designed For Banks, Credit Unions, and Healthcare Service Providers

Highly regulated industries such as banking and healthcare typically have lots of policies and procedures with which employees need to comply. It can be difficult to:

  1. Find or locate the actual policy or procedure
  2. Keep documents updated on time, especially if printed and placed in binders
  3. Show acknowledgement or compliance of the policy or procedure

First, organizations must show that they have internal processes in place to ensure employees can access and act on approved policies and procedures. Next, changes to these policies and procedures follow certain protocols. These protocols often require documentation and tracking for both internal and external audits. Published policies and procedures are key company resources. So, employees should be able to access them through OnSemble.

Therefore, if your organization struggles with outdated processes, lack of accountability, managing document life cycles or providing and controlling access to your policies and procedures, the new OnSemble Policies and Procedures add-on application will help you accomplish these steps and more.

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