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  • May 24, 2016

Anne Wertz Deno, OnSemble’s Product Manager, delivered the OnSemble keynote that focused on the theme of opportunities. In the past year, OnSemble’s mission has been about creating a more useable and more stable experience. A year of breakthroughs, of customer driven innovation and long waited updates. These opportunities are what have allowed us to gain knowledge, not only of our products, but our customers’ needs as well.  These experiences are essential to where we are today and we plan on continuously creating a portal all partners will enjoy.

Over the past year we have launched some exciting updates and new features, including:

  • 5.0 Framework
  • Image Island
  • Carousel Island
  • New Dynamic Page Creation
  • Update to Enterprise Instant Messenger
  • Cloud-Based EIM
  • Connect for SharePoint

Those enhancements have laid the groundwork for what’s possible in 2016. This year, we aim to continue overhauling all existing modules in OnSemble, to improve user experience across our suite of products, and to create a mobile and responsive design. 

The creativity of our customers has always impressed and inspired us. Every version of OnSemble looks different, breathing life and a unique culture into all of our customers’ portals. By delivering increased flexibility and drag and drop controls in islands will be core to providing additional creative freedom to our users. 

We are excited to be partnering with Microsoft to leverage our combined strength. Seamless syncing between OnSemble and Microsoft products is key. The first step was Connect for SharePoint, providing the world-class collaboration offered by Office 365 with OnSemble. The next step is integrating the Reservations and Calendar modules with Outlook and Office 365. Soon you will be able to schedule a meeting in Outlook, check the portal for reservation, and add meetings to your Calendar, all directly from your portal! 

OnSemble Framework 5.0 empowered our users to let their imaginations soar when creating new pages. We are improving on these tools, offering greater flexibility, and making the whole process easier. Check it out:

Finally, the market is indicating that everything is cloud. We have already begun this through our SharePoint and Office 365 integration and the recent cloud enablement of EIM. The next leap forward is letting you browse your portal from anywhere. By designing every page to be responsive, you’ll never be without your portal in your pocket. Yes, we are as excited as you are:

This is just the beginning.  We are getting back to our roots and improving the tools that we always knew were important.  Our team is an ambitious one!  The company is aligned for success!  Our execution is better than ever! The past was great but our future is even brighter!

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