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  • June 23, 2021

Evergreen Family Medicine

Evergreen Family Medicine Case Study

Evergreen Family Medicine was founded in 1996 when a group of doctors practicing separately understood their commitment to their patients and community was better served with a comprehensive system of care delivered by a cohesive team of health professionals. Evergreen has evolved into an innovative, advanced patient-centered home with 5 locations across Roseburg OR where patients of any age and circumstance can be confident of compassionate care and proper guidance as they navigate our health care system.

The Challenge:

Evergreen Family Medicine is a fast-growing clinic that had quickly outgrown its old ways of communicating with employees and was seeking a more efficient way to keep staff informed and share documents and calendars. Instead of burying staff with emails and struggling to find documents across various servers, HR wanted to streamline communication and improve employee efficiency.

HR and administration worked together to find an employee intranet solution that was easy and appealing to use – a one-stop shop experience for employees. They wanted a solution they could edit on their own with no coding or graphic design experience.

The Solution:

Evergreen Family Medicine chose OnSemble Intranet to help them streamline communications and consolidate training documents in one central location for a growing clinic of 5 locations. Originally, they deployed an HR page and document repository to stem the flood of emails for announcements and events and centralize documents for easier access.

When Evergreen Family Medicine first launched their employee portal called SPIRIT using OnSemble Intranet, they were so focused on getting departmental pages set up to consolidate information that they overlooked the importance of the Homepage for navigation. The initial launch was a success. Evergreen was smart to incorporate a scavenger hunt and request feedback as part of their go live, which helped them identify a key area for improvement: better navigation.

OnSemble streamlines Communications and Training

The management team turned to Cody Flock, IT content management specialist, to help them improve the navigation and use of the new intranet ASAP. Cody not only manages the intranet, he also manages the company’s websites, network of care sites, clinics’ TVs and a variety of technology-related tasks.

Not being part of the initial selection team, Cody was unaware of the support and service available from the OnSemble Customer Success team. Cody jumped right in to learn on his own how OnSemble worked. The first thing Cody did was focus on redesigning the intranet to make it more useful for the staff. First, he created the homepage to improve navigation across the portal. He added more graphics, created similar page layouts for the various departments but stayed loose on branding to let managers have creative freedom of their own pages. It enabled managers to have a little more fun with their pages, not feel too corporate.

Through Cody’s efforts, Evergreen re-launched the SPIRIT intranet within 2 weeks. To reinvigorate employees’ excitement and engagement of the portal, he deployed a large-scale “Where’s Waldo?” scavenger hunt across all the pages and content. Cody even hid Waldos in the page codes, pictures and icons to really make it interesting. The employee challenge was to find every one of them. Through before and after employee surveys and word-of-mouth comments, the re-launch was successful. Employees found the revamped intranet much easier to use. The scavenger hunt took them to pages they would not have normally explored. They enjoyed the detailed scavenger hunt so much some managers complained of employees spending too much time on the portal – just the opposite experience of the first launch.

Scavenger Hunt Using OnSemble Intranet

Evergreen Family Medicine Human Resources Page

organization chart - Leadership page

Cody also made better use of the calendar feature and reservation islands to synchronize reservations of all conference rooms across the 5 locations. Managers can see all available rooms and book their time accordingly. Previously, when using Outlook calendars for the meeting room scheduling, Outlook allowed people to delete other peoples’ meetings and/or double book rooms.

“We use the conference and board rooms for all sorts of meetings including department, committee, operations, staff, audits, etc. For a while, we were using two people just to manage all the meeting room scheduling to avoid this Outlook issue; that was quite time consuming. Now with Calendars on SPIRIT managers can schedule, but not delete or double book rooms. All our staff can also see who has what room at what time so receptionists can now see what room to take guests to for meetings.”

Synchronize calendars with OnSemble

As with all employee intranets, the SPIRIT continues to evolve. Evergreen continues to move documents from servers to the SPIRIT repository and respective departmental pages.

The Result:

User tickets have gone down and user satisfaction has improved considerably. Users are more satisfied with the look of the intranet now. The more page unity and navigation consistency from page to page. Next up, Cody also plans to create a full portal tour as part of the training assets. Like the company, the intranet continues to grow and evolve as Cody learns of new functionality that will make SPIRIT more useful.

“OnSemble is a great tool and asset for our company. Our content is current; announcements are attractive to staff. Employees are regularly logging in now and engaging with the content and each other.” 

“Now all our content is current; announcements are attractive to staff, and we are really driving staff away from older ways of communicating to the intranet where content is available and easy to access,” said Cody. “Employees are regularly logging in to SPIRIT now and engaging with the content and each other.”

“Even new employees have commented that this intranet is easiest to navigate compared to other company intranets they’ve used,” said Cody.

When asked what his advice is for companies still using email and shared drives for their primary means of employee communication, Cody stated: “An employee intranet is more visual and engaging. It allows you to consolidate all important functions in one central location. OnSemble streamlines communications (stops flooding emails), provides a single source for truth for documents and synchronizes company calendars for scheduling conference rooms.”

What is your advice for new customers just getting started with OnSemble?

  • Use your customer success manager! They can efficiently guide you to a successful launch the first time.
  • Get familiar with permissions, roles and workgroups. Take your time to set those up properly because they are the foundation for your portal. It makes all the difference in how you effectively set up your portal for success.
  • Focus on the homepage first. It is the most often used page – make it easy, useful and appealing.
  • Before launch, make it simple to start or take the time to create some user guides to make it easy for staff to learn to use.

“OnSemble is a great tool and asset for our company,” said Cody.

And here is what other employees are saying:

“Spirit is a great resource! It’s nice to have everything we need in one place and easily available to all. Our Spirit guru Cody 😊 keeps everything updated and quickly posts as needed. Thanks for all that you do!!!” – Human Resources

“I use SPIRIT for pretty much everything in my job, and I find that it is easy to navigate 🙂 I don’t have issues with it at all.“ – Administrative Assistants

“SPIRIT is a great tool that already has so many great things on it, it can only get better from here. The more we use it the better it will be.” – Management

“As a newer employee coming from an organization that also uses an intranet, I can’t say enough good things about SPIRIT! I love how easy it is to navigate, or search to find what you want. The links are helpful, and easy to find, and it’s awesome how you can navigate through different departments. I also love the popup announcements to keep up to date and in the loop about everything. Overall, I think it’s a great system!” – IT (New Staff)

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