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  • May 23, 2018

Passageways Announces System Permissions

LAFAYETTE, IN, May 23, 2018 — Passageways, a global provider of secure, intuitive collaboration solutions, today announced the release of its System Permissions App for its OnSemble Employee Intranet Platform. System Permissions is an access management tool that facilitates the process of identifying, tracking, and managing users’ access to a system, applications, or any IT instance.

The new System Permission App was designed to ensure that only the right people have access to the right data and programs they need to do their jobs. It includes role-based templates that streamlines the management of extending permissions when individuals join organizations, when they change roles, or when they exit a team.

“With multiple decentralized branch operations common for today’s financial institutions, healthcare institutions, and other organizations, the importance of a centralized access management system has become increasingly necessary,” said Passageways Co-Founder and CEO Paroon Chadha. “Critically, System Permissions allows you to demonstrate that your information is securely managed to examiners, auditors, customers, and members.”

With System Permissions, organizations can demonstrate a complete accounting of their IT stack, tracking the status of each new employee, transfer, and termination. In adherence with FFIEC Guidelines, System Permissions makes it easy for managers to administer physical and logical access controls to safeguard the institution’s information assets and technology.

ALEC (an Illinois Credit Union) collaborated with the Passageways’ OnSemble Team to develop the System Permissions tool for their Employee Intranet. “Smaller organizations, challenged by limited resources, would struggle to be able to develop a customized employee access system like System Permissions,” said Brady Van Heirseele, ALEC’s Vice President- IT/Risk.

Along with the release of System Permissions, Passageways also announced the launch of OnSemble Mobile for iOS. OnSemble mobile provides the most important information organizations need to collaborate on the go. OnSemble mobile pulls data directly from users Employee Intranet to provide a mobile employee directory, activity feed, announcements, and more.

The System Permissions App is now available through the OnSemble Employee Intranet platform and OnSemble mobile is available on Apple’s App Store.

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