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  • October 19, 2011

West Lafayette, IN. Oct 17th, 2011 – Passageways today announced the successful launch of its next version of the Dashboards Module. This new product release will immediately benefit 115 organizations who are all existing Dashboards customers. Dashboards module is a popular module for both Employee Portal and Board Portal solutions offered by Passageways. This module will continue to strengthen the ability for customers to use these Passageways solutions with the key performance indicators (KPI) all set up at an organization / department level. Dashboards will facilitate visual management of the most important information within an organization especially with an eye on the upcoming annual strategic planning sessions for organizations.

Several months of redesign and development has made Dashboards module easier to use and more versatile in its application. Passageways has included connections to Excel, SQL and the tried and tested manual data entry method. Now, Administrators are able to select the data refresh frequency for both Excel and SQL, and without any manual steps now the charts and gauges reflect the data changes. The end users will also be able to “subscribe” to various data visualizations keeping them informed of any important changes on each of these dashboards.

In this new version Passageways has also included several new permissions.  Passageways customers can now allow their Finance department, or any business user to build a data set and give Sales, HR and Branch managers the ability to create their own visualizations and make them available to their teams in a dynamic format. The module comes with all new gauges and charts, complete with 14 color pallets to choose from. It also includes support for ‘themes’ to allow the customers to customize the look and feel of their dashboards making them unique and eye-catching.

About Passageways

Passageways specializes in providing corporate portal and board portal solutions for financial institutions, connecting their employees, directors, partners and vendors. Passageways solutions are used to streamline communications, increase collaboration and automate internal processes by replacing traditional solutions.  Passageway supports over 250 banks and credit unions and several other industries including several industry wide community portals, making it a leader in collaboration solutions in the financial services industry. Passageways offers a portal framework that enables institutions to collaboratively organize and manage documents, processes, internal Web content and other corporate knowledge bases using its several modules. Passageways now has clients in United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. For more information please visithttps://www.onsembleintranet.com/

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