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  • July 15, 2011

Employee Portals, Vendor Management, and Board Portal Solutions see unprecedented demand

West Lafayette, IN. July  15th, 2011 – Passageways, Indiana based enterprise portal solutions provider, has signed 12 new portal customers in June 2011. This completes a record breaking first half of 2011 for Passageways with a total of 32 new portal sales. Passageways attributes its success to a couple of factors including improved market conditions, improved product offerings and an experienced team offering expertise in their Employee, Board and Vendor Management Portal offerings.

Passageways provides innovative solutions and leads the discussion in incorporating social tools into all of its collaborative solutions.

Momentum throughout the 2nd quarter was enhanced as a result of a very successful PowWOW, Passageways’ 6th annual client conference, held in Indianapolis in May 2011. Prospects and customers alike were treated to interactive seminars and discussions as well as demonstrations of Passageways technologies. The recently signed customers from June 2011 include:

OnBoard Board Portal Solution:

  1. Lafayette Federal Credit Union
  2. America’s First Federal Credit Union
  3. Edwards Federal Credit Union
  4. ACU of Texas
  5. Area Agency on Aging
  6. Jefferson Bank

Vendor Management Solution:

  1. Emory Alliance Credit Union
  2. Ashland Credit Union
  3. Members Cooperative Credit Union

Employee Intranet Portal:

  1. Area Agency on Aging
  2. Montgomery Bank and Trust
  3. Grand Savings Bank

Passageways continues to offer various software solutions to its 230 customers and momentum has also increased among current customers. Existing customers have options within the  modular setup of the portal framework to fulfill their new requirements. The list of new additions to existing customer portals include:

  1. Aberdeen Providing Ground Federal Credit Union: Vendor Management Module
  2. Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union: Vendor Management, Form Builder, and Dashboard Modules
  3. Verity Credit Union: Dashboard and Expense Reports Modules
  4. Our Community Credit Union: Expense Reports, Dashboard, Vendor Management, and Form Builder Modules
  5. FivePoint Credit Union: Meeting Packets and Dashboard Modules
  6. Silver State Schools Credit Union: Dashboard and Products and Services Modules
  7. Alabama Credit Union: Instant Messaging Tracking Islands
  8. Grand Savings Bank: Supply Ordering Application
  9. New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union: Click Tracking Application

The wide variety of solutions being demanded is a testimony to the flexible portal framework that powers every single project undertaken by Passageways team. These projects are helping Passageways customers to record impressive return on their investments, in the first few months itself.

“Passageways is benefiting from the renewed commitment to increasing employee productivity and an increased emphasis on internal efficiencies” said Paroon Chadha, Co-Founder and VP of Passageways.  “We offer more applications than any single organization can develop internally and we package them at attractive price points. We are now seeing the results of our investment our portal technology as well as the business applications the market needs,” added Chadha.

Passageways continues to see rapid growth for its Vendor Management solution as both an add-on module and as a  stand-alone solution. The Vendor Management Portal allows organizationsthe ability to categorize and track their various vendors. It allows for simple and efficient organizing of vendor contract documents, gathers and organizes all the due diligence documents and sets up alerts for important dates and renewal timeframes. The Vendor Management Portal  has been well received with more than 60 customers subscribing to this solution  over the last 18 months.

Passageways’ offers a free webinar series where their portal technologies are showcased each month. The webinar series’ continue to be very popular among Passageways customers, partners and prospects alike. Upcoming webinars can be accessed at:

About Passageways

Passageways specializes in providing corporate portal solutions for organizations, connecting their employees, directors, partners and vendors. Passageways solutions are used to streamline communications, increase collaboration and automate internal processes by replacing traditional intranet solutions.  Supporting  more than 230 clients with their divers portal solution offering, Passageways is a market leader in collaboration solutions. Passageways offers a portal framework that enables organizations to collaboratively organize and manage documents, processes, internal Web content and other corporate knowledge bases using its several modules. Passageways serves customers in the United States, Canada, Russia and the Caribbean Islands. For more information please visit https://www.onsembleintranet.com/

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