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  • July 25, 2010

Vendor Management , Lobby Management and Sales Management Solutions now being delivered

West Lafayette, IN. July  25th, 2010 – Passageways, Indiana based portal solutions provider for financial institutions, has signed 8 new portal customers in the last 8 weeks. Besides its new clients, Passageways is also reporting several new module sales to its growing list of customers. The recently signed customers from these past weeks include:

  1. Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union – Employee Portal
  2. Sharon Credit Union – Employee Portal
  3. Alabama Credit Union – Employee Portal
  4. Horizon Bank – Employee Portal
  5. Green Bank – Employee Portal
  6. South Florida Educational FCU – Vendor Management Portal
  7. Navigant Credit Union – Board Portal
  8. Circle Bank – Board Portal

Passageways continues to offers 25 different software applications to its 200 customers in the financial industry. There continues to be strong growth from existing customers as customers make use of the modular setup of the portal framework to fulfill their new requirements such as Lobby Management and Vendor Management. The recent list of new additions to existing customer portals include:

  1. Brightstar FCU – Vendor Management module
  2. Beacon CU – Help Desk Integration with Website consulting project
  3. Belco Community CU – Job Listings consulting project
  4. Kellogg Community CU– Lobby Management consulting project
  5. Valley First CU – Apparel Cart, Employee Recognition, and Job Listings consulting projects
  6. Other consulting projects done for  American Airlines Credit Union, and Power Financial FCU

Besides these projects, Passageways has just completed an extensive project with Kellogg Community Credit Union on its Sales and Goals Management. At Kellogg, their employee portal is now being used to allocate and track their sales goals across their branches. Passageways plans to offer this solution to its other customers later this summer.

“Passageways is benefiting from the renewed significance to increasing employee productivity and increased emphasis on Sales Management” said Paroon Chadha, Co-Founder and VP of Passageways.  “We offer more applications than any single organization can ever develop internally and package them in very attractive price points and are now seeing the results of our investment in not just the portal technology, but also the business applications the market needs,” added Chadha.

Passageways continues to see rapid growth for its Vendor Management solution including some recent customers signing up for a stand-alone Vendor Management Portal solution. This solution allows a financial institution to categorize and track their various vendors. It allows organizing vendor contract documents, gather and organize all the due diligence documents, setup alerts around important dates and renewal timeframes. The application has been very well received as more than 25 customers are already using this solution in less than 7 months.

Passageways offers a free webinar series where several such projects are showcased each month. This webinar series continues to be very popular among Passageways customers and partners. The various upcoming webinars can be accessed at:

 About Passageways

Passageways specializes in providing corporate portal solutions for financial institutions, connecting their employees, directors, partners and vendors. Passageways solutions are used to streamline communications, increase collaboration and automate internal processes by replacing traditional intranet solutions.  Passageway supports 200 banks and credit unions portals including several dozen board portals and a number of industry wide community portals, making it a leader in collaboration solutions in the financial services industry. Passageways offers a portal framework that enables financial institutions to collaboratively organize and manage documents, processes, internal Web content and other corporate knowledge bases using its several modules. Passageways now has clients in United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. For more information please visit https://www.onsembleintranet.com/

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