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  • January 14, 2014

If you could save 10 minutes each time that you did a chore, would you do it?  If you could save 10 minutes each time that you do yard work, shuttle the kids, clean the house, work out,  and drive; why wouldn’t you?  Actually, you more than likely already do.

Over the years you have already figured out how to be more and more efficient when it comes to your personal, daily, and mundane responsibilities.  Think about the simple things that you probably don’t even register.  You probably found the quickest route to/from numerous places that you travel weekly like the grocery store, supercenter, hardware store, restaurants, coffee shop, fast food, and so on.  Have you found the quickest and easiest way to mow your grass?  You know you have, and now it probably changes rarely.

Now think technology. What do you do that wasn’t used 20 years ago simply for the ease.  The concept is otherwise known as Gaining Efficiency while Saving Time.  A few of these off the top of my head are microwave, computer, cell phone, dishwasher, and cordless home phone.  The Value of Time - Why Using Portals Gives You Better Efficiency, Saving You MoneyNow go back 200 years.  Things like automobiles, gas stoves, bicycle, washer and dryer, refrigerator, movies on dvd’s, the INTERNET, are so basic and common that you don’t register them. These have because utterly importantly and are used on a daily basis.  The idea or concept is that advancement and technology has always been here and continues to affect us moving forward.

With the above in mind, why are we not utilizing this same mindset and advancement at the workplace?  What is the most critical need of your enterprise?  Is it all of the widgets and gizmo’s?  No, it’s Time.  In a day, your enterprise is constantly working, making calls, emailing, sharing/publishing information, managing, meeting, writing, and so on.  It all has to do withCommunication and it all takes Time.  If you could use today’s technology to streamline this communication and gain efficiency, than why haven’t you?

A portal is the modern intranet.  These portals are designed to allow your enterprise and/or board to communicate more effectively while decentralizing management.  Today’s technology no longer requires an IT staff to run its daily operations, saving invaluable amounts of time for the unit to work on the more critical aspects of the business.  Such portals allow for and many include tools that specifically help with documents management, workflows, streamlining business processes, knowledge management, vendor management, expense reporting, board packet creation, help desks, instant messaging, user profiles, bulletin boards, discussion boards, reservations, blogging, rich text editing, and so on.  These tools are designed to gain numerous efficiencies while saving critical amounts of time per employee.

Let’s put it in mathematical terms.  Let’s say you have 100 employees.  Each employee works 2080 hours or 124,800 minutes per year with an average annual compensation at $40,000.  That breaks down to an average CPM (cost per minute) of $0.3205 per employee.  Save each employee just 10 minutes a day of time and that equates to a weekly savings of $1,603 and an annual savings of$83,333.  How about saving 15 minutes a day as opposed to 10 minutes?  That’s a weekly savings of $481 and an annual savings of $125,000.

The American way has always been to utilize advancement in technology to save time and money. If your enterprise or board could gain such efficiencies while saving such substantial amounts of money simply by using a portal, why aren’t they?

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