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  • June 18, 2019

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State Bank of Cross Plains, in Dane County, Wisconsin has been a trusted financial partner and community bank for over 100 years offering both personal & business services including mortgages, real estate, loans & leasing, wealth management & financial advisory services. With 10 branches and 190 employees, the bank needed a way to centralize frequently accessed documents and share information across its teams.

The Challenge:

As the bank grew, policies changed frequently and demand for easily accessible information increased. Cross Plains determined that emails were no longer the answer, as too many pieces of communication were being lost or unopened. Their shared network was difficult to manage – the structure for sharing information left some confused or working on outdated documents. In 2011, State Bank decided it was time to upgrade to an employee intranet.

The Solution:

“Passageways OnSemble was selected as the intranet solution of choice due to its intuitiveness in building and editing content,” said Aaron Rawson, VP of Technology. The customizable framework allowed the bank to organize information in a way that was simple for employees to navigate. With small internal training sessions, State Bank launched its first intranet solution and staff members loved the information available and the ease of use.

Through regular interaction with their Passageways Customer Success Manager and attendance at PowWOW – Passageways’ annual user conference – Aaron and his team were able to continue innovating and iterating on the resources offered through the bank’s intranet, turning it into a hub of activity.

The Results:

State Bank is actively leveraging the portal for engagement and collaboration in a variety of ways that result in greater efficiency and improved employee satisfaction. Let’s take a look at some of their best practices:

Managing Policies and Procedures

Rather than displaying documents by department, State Bank groups their policies and procedures by actions or activities, making it intuitive and quick for the users who need to complete a task quickly to identify the resource needed. “Our resource center houses frequently used documents for policies and procedures so that employees can easily access answers to anything from new employee orientation to how various systems connect and interact with online banking,” says Aaron.

State Bank

Employee Recognition

When State Bank’s President wanted a way to celebrate the day to day accomplishments of employees that represent their core values, Kudo’s Corner was born. With creative categories, employees are encouraged to recognize team members who have gone above and beyond. That information is shared across the organization and featured on the home page of the intranet. Twice per year awards, complete with trophies, are celebrated during the bank’s all staff meeting based on that recognition. “Implementing this tool has encouraged more engagement from every department. So much so that we’ve seen over 1300 people recognized in just 7 months!” says Aaron.

Help Desk

Utilizing the help desk feature, Aaron created processes for some of the normal routine tasks that require forms, like ordering currency. He set up the loan appraisal residential evaluation process with an online form, rather than relying on a previously leveraged PDF –  that was crucial because the information in the PDF was often misplaced or incomplete. The online form captures everything, preventing delays in the loan process. It also allows the bank to automate the process of tracking turnaround time residential evaluation. “Loans get completed faster, it gives our team more capacity. We’re also able to quickly head off issues that can delay the loans because we can see when forms are getting stuck,” says Aaron.

Merger Central

On May 31, 2019, State Bank will have opened additional 5 branches since they merged with another financial institution. Keeping all employees up to date about the merger has been easy through their intranet. All resources all in one place and regularly updated.

Merger Central

Insurance/Wellness Program

Employees receive financial incentives through participation in wellness activities at State Bank and the intranet has an area dedicated to that information and resources associated with it.


State Bank uses dashboards to share the bank’s goals and its progress against those goals. Aaron also created quick links to frequently viewed pages using data he gathered from the OnSemble analytics reports.

State Bank’s Employee Intranet has replaced the majority of the emails that were previously used to communicate, including their employee newsletter. Content that was once included in the newsletter is now housed in the intranet in the form of blogs. Announcements pertaining to corporate goals, welcoming new team members, the loss of a team member, and social media content are all available and archived in the portal. Employees no longer miss information because of lost or overlooked emails. All information is archived for reference later, when it’s needed.

“The intranet has become an integral part of our bank-wide communication as well as our culture,” Aaron concluded.

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