• By: OnSemble
  • April 18, 2019

State Bank of Lizton is a community bank with 9 locations in Central Indiana, established in 1910, it has grown to over $500 million in assets and 105 employees.  

The Challenge: 

An OnSemble customer since 2009, State Bank of Lizton (SBL) created a central hub for employee information called The Compass. This intranet provided their team a one-stop shop for resources that could be updated by each individual department. As time progressed and their needs evolved, employees found it increasingly difficult to navigate the wealth of information in The Compass. Bank leadership discovered their intranet lacked a clear owner or manager resulting in inconsistent, disparate content. This predicament showed up in low employee engagement within the portal and gaps in communication. Their 7-year old intranet was due for a complete refresh – and there was a strong desire to, once again, create a place that was the #1 resource for all information.

“Our staff did not have easy access to current information and documents. Many were finding old information or struggling to find information at all. We saw this as a huge opportunity to refresh our Onsemble intranet and better serve our employees,” says Kyle Endres, Training & Social Media Manager


SBL partnered with the team at Passageways to determine how to transform their intranet into a user-friendly resource that filled the gaps in communication the organization was experiencing. Their Customer Success Manager at Passageways showed them that with a top-down redesign they would have countless opportunities to reengage employees. Having an easily navigable portal would allow the staff at the bank to access information quickly, share resources, improve collaboration, and create a more transparent culture allowing them to work faster and smarter.

“Passageways is the best vendor to work with. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our CSM and the entire team.” says Kyle.

A significant part of that strategy was to transition management of OnSemble to one owner for overall design and strategy. That owner would partner with department liaisons responsible for ongoing content development. Fortunately for the SBL team, Kyle Endres, the Training and Social Media Manager, was up to the challenge. An intranet team was formed to build out a new structure.

“Passageways is the best vendor to work with. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our CSM and the entire team,” Kyle said.


 The Compass was re-launched in 2017, with a clean intranet design, addressing the previous struggles. Internal resources now reflect their external marketing resources, presenting a polished, professional communication tool. Improved navigation has simplified the flow of the intranet. Today, employees quickly access relevant information and easily communicate across teams. Finally, the OnSemble relaunch enabled the bank to implement new strategies for engaging employees as well as their customers. 

Increased Engagement with Employee Recognition. The Employee Recognition application rolled out soon after the relaunch as a way to support SBL’s employee and customer service standards. The bank created eight unique icons that employees can choose to recognize colleagues for outstanding contributions. It’s a simple, fun way to appreciate peers publicly for their individual efforts that exemplify SBL’s values on a daily basis. To encourage employee engagement, a Sender and Receiver are selected monthly as winners of a $25 gift card! Winners are also displayed on their OnSemble Homepage, The Compass, for everyone to celebrate.   

“Our staff continues to grow in their use of Employee Recognition. As winners are selected each month, engagement with the recognition app rises substantially,” Kyle continued. “This has allowed us to quickly recognize staff for the little things that happen each day throughout our bank.” 

Impactful Customer Communication. SBL also realized a prime opportunity to carry the communication benefits they were experiencing with employees to their customers. Flat screen monitors had been installed in their bank lobbys for marketing campaigns. However, the monitors had been sitting idle for nearly three years. During an on-site visit, the Passageways team asked about the blank screens, and that conversation sparked a new idea – a way to recapture the vision of connecting with customers during their bank visits.  

[Our Lobby Screens] were still sitting idle when Passageways team came to an onsite visit, and a simple solution was identified at our initial meeting – we could customize our lobby screens with our employee intranet.”

Partnering with Passageways, the bank learned how to tie these TV’s into the back end of OnSemble to display content. Customers now see live information about current campaigns, community initiatives, and bank staff. This creates an opportunity to drive focused conversations between employees and customers, resulting in upsells and cross-sells. State Bank of Lizton leverages OnSemble to emphasize their brand in a low cost, effective, centralized, impactful way. Employees say the TV communications make the banking centers feel modern, while successfully providing new conversation starters that improve customer relations. Read more about how the bank implemented these ideas. 

“We are easily able to reach external customers while they are a captive audience in our bank lobbies. The TVs impact our community relations and result in more opportunities for us to serve our customers in new ways by driving conversation.“ says Endres