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  • October 8, 2014

Beacon Credit Union Intranet

Beacon Credit Union stands as a pillar of their community, a respected $1 billion financial institution with over 45,000 members. Yet, like so many other companies, it needed to evolve to improve its operational efficiency. Its internal systems were hazardously slow, delaying permissions, piling on paperwork that always seemed to be pushed off to other departments, while frustrating its employees. Beacon Credit Union turned to Passageways, a provider of employee intranets, to develop a solution that would streamline their workflow process and employee management systems.

Before turning to Passageways, Beacon Credit Union had managed a system that utilized helpdesk Tickets between departments. The IT department and supervisors would then be responsible for granting the appropriate access to a varying array of systems. This crucial management process became bogged down by its own weight. The employees and management needed a solution that would allow sensitive documents and materials to be guarded, but without a byzantine process that wasted valuable time.

Beacon Credit Union collaborated with Passageways to develop the new system, one that automated their permission management process. That collaboration resulted in a solution that allows HR to initiate all requests for hire, terminations, and transfers. Supervisors then easily identify and approve the requested permissions. System administrators are provided detailed and accurate specifications of all access level changes. This access to permission levels throughout various systems, with the ability to initiate change requests was only reached by supervisors.

Throughout the streamlined process, notifications are generated to ensure that every stakeholder is aware of ongoing progress. Each and every stage of the process is recorded, maintaining a detailed audit trail that creates a complete report for auditors. The whole process can be overseen by administrators, providing a high level overview that highlights each employee and their current set of permissions.

The System Permission Management tool has become an essential aspect of everyday operations at Beacon Credit Union. The centralized system allows supervisors, administrators, and the HR department to control the permission level of new hires, streamlined the termination and transfer systems, while maintaining detailed records of the approval process. Passageways is proud that our collaboration has become an integral aspect of Beacon Credit Unions’ system, eliminating an immense amount of wasted time while dispensing of paperwork and shuffled emails. Today, a new employee can become integrated into the necessary systems in a brief amount of time, ensuring productivity on day one.


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