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  • May 24, 2016

Passageways Luminaries are the movers and shakers, our early adopters, innovators, those who blaze trails and continue to light the path. The Luminary Award is our way to recognize and honor the contributors who have made a huge impact to the whole Passageways community.

This year we honored several luminaries and recognized their contributions that light the path for others.

Lighthouse Luminaries 

We had three individuals receiving a Luminary because of what they represent. Their passion and motivation are crucial to not only their specific organization but to Passageways as a whole. These are the doers, shakers, and movers that are the first to assist Passageways and help bring success full circle. These individuals were  honored for what they gave to those around them.

Bill Arnold

Bill Arnold

Bill was the first call that Passageways ever made to anyone, while Passageways was just a glimpse of something that ‘could be.’ He was the first one to pick up the phone, listen, and believe in the idea, and was instrumental in giving Passageways a chance.  Bill provided us with feedback and he was the typically the tie breaker where decisions were not always agreed upon. Bill joined us in Chicago, and reminded us that connections are important and meaningful, and you should always collaborate with those around you when you have an idea. He helped change the world. Congratulations Bill!

Jen Pestikas – ALEC

We regret that Jen Pestikas could not make it to Chicago, yet this luminary is well deserved. Jen had so much passion for Passageways products at her previous organization, that as she transitioned into a new position at ALEC, she brought the portal with her! Without her influential role and belief in the huge value that OnSemble provides, we wouldn’t be working with ALEC today. Congratulations Jen!

Rachel Ringler

Rachel Ringler – Great Lakes Credit Union

Rachel Ringler has been a source of support and inspiration for all those around her.  Many have directly benefited from her dedication either through peer webinars, direct calls, or publications of best practices incorporated through their portal solution. We also got a chance to sit on the sidelines and watch as she was nationally recognized by CUNA as a 2015 “Rock Star,” which is no small feat! From Great Lakes Credit Union in Illinois, we congratulate Rachel Ringler an amazing luminary!

Luminary: Organizations

The Luminary award is given to organizations that have long believed in Passageways. Those that been central in shaping our future. We honor these organizations for charting the course and lighting the path for others.

Laurie Kresl

Units Credit Union – Laurie Kresl

Unitus Credit Union has been with Passageways since 2005 and continues to push the envelope with their creativity and passion to engage through the portal.  They have recently adopted the latest and greatest version of OnSemble and continue to innovate with our new tools. Congratulations to Laurie Kresl who accepted this award on behalf of Unitus Credit Union!

Left to Right: Ray Hicks, Passageways’ Craig Henderson and Abbey Lewis

PSECU – Ray Hicks 

PSECU was also one of Passageways’ first customers in 2005. Over the last 11 years, they have experienced a total evolution of not only their solution, but the team they chose to support it, has been an inspiration. They are a true testament that if you stick to something and persevere that, the results can be incredible. Congratulations to Ray Hicks who accepted this award on behalf of PSECU.

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