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  • April 23, 2019

City & County Credit Union Success Story

City & County Credit Union (CCCU), based in St. Paul, Minnesota, provides financial services, personal, and business banking solutions to members nationwide. With 14 locations and over 170 employees, City & County works relentlessly as a not-for-profit financial cooperative to provide the best for its members, employees, and community.

The Challenge:

When Mill City Credit Union and City & County Credit Union announced the strategic merger of their two healthy credit unions in June 2018 (with the surviving credit union being City & County) there was an immediate need to tie together their newly combined culture and mission through a shared intranet. Each of their existing intranets had a unique identity (The Hub for City & County and The Mill for Mill City) that needed to be preserved while also unifying the new organization around a joint message.


City County Before
City County – Before
The Mill Before
The Mill – Before

The merger was to be finalized on January 1, 2019, leaving a short window of fewer than 90 days to get the new portal running and rolled out to staff. For City & County Credit Union, their intranet solution needed to empower employees to do more, by doing what’s right every day and the team set out to determine what solution would allow them to do that with a tight deadline.

The Solution:

When tasked with evaluating and selecting the perfect intranet platform with a very tight deadline, the team determined that OnSemble stood the test of time – with all the features and capabilities necessary for City & County and Mill City to collaborate. Passageways OnSemble stood out due to its robust features like the Employee Directory, helpdesks, drop down menus, and calendars along with options to customize the look and feel of the site. The team also felt great confidence in partnering with the Passageways team to enable them to hit their launch deadline. The organization began the groundwork to re-launch the newly shared intranet in October 2018. The cross-functional relaunch team consisted of 2 trainers from City & County along with 1 trainer and 2 marketers from Mill City.

This task team needed to move quickly and needed the buy-in of the employees of both organizations. A naming contest was held to encourage ownership from all involved. The intranet team sifted through the entries and the leadership team overseeing the project selected the winner; City Center. Similarly, the team needed buy-in from employees on a creative new look. It was determined due to the compressed timeline, that a streamlined portal would be developed for the initial launch – and would be expanded throughout 2019.

Despite the compressed timeline, City & County had a big vision. Their strategy included:

  • Intuitive navigation to allow staff to easily access commonly used information.
  • Company announcements housed in the portal but also communicated via email.
  • Easily accessible membership information as well as current, past and upcoming credit union promotions.
  • User-friendly and searchable employee directory that includes employee photos.
  • Implementing an employee recognition program they call Kudos!
  • Accessible reports showing goal vs actual loans processed across the entire organization.

Kathy Morneau, Digital Marketing Specialist, championed this project with an attention to detail that rallied the teams from both credit unions to accomplish their goals. “It was important that both groups of employees be happy with the end result, even down to the shade of gray used in the banner,” said Kathy.  She also relied on her Passageways Customer Success Manager and Support team to help her move quickly and efficiently. “The team at Passageways was instrumental in our success by providing recommendations, templates and support every step of the way.”

The Result:

City County – NOW
City County – NOW

Just 10 weeks from the decision to rebuild The Mill’s intranet with OnSemble, the new City Center was launched. The combined intranet was met with widespread praise for its usability and sleek look. “Our intranet makes us a more unified organization, able to work across departments and all move together toward shared goals. We go to it for answers and information, for all the links we need, and it will help in training new employees” said Kathy.

“Our new relaunched portal is more modern looking and functional than either of our intranets was before and it’s helped people from across the organization visualize the makeup of the new teams.”

While information is still in the process of being transferred from both prior platforms, City Center is being leveraged as a tool to blend the two cultures. Employees love the new, refreshed and more modern look and feel of the site.  “Our new relaunched portal is more modern looking and functional than either of our intranets was before and it’s helped people from across the organization visualize the makeup of the new teams. You may never have met someone from the opposite side of the organization… but you have seen their photo/profile on City Center and you know their department,” said Kathy Morneau, Digital Marketing Specialist.

Some words of advice to other organizations facing similar challenges, “Give yourself time!  We did this relaunch on a very short timeline, fortunately, Kathy and I were both familiar with the process and trusted our Passageways support team to help us with questions. My biggest piece of advice would be to have a clear idea of what you want/need your intranet to do AND work closely with your Passageways rep!”  Erin Jones, Organizational Development Manager

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