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  • April 2, 2020
True North Uses OnSemble to Keep Staff Informed During COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work, and at a very rapid rate.

True North Federal Credit Union is adapting daily to these changing circumstances. The organization has moved quickly to implement changes that keep the focus on member and staff safety. OnSemble has played a vital role in communicating changes and keeping the staff informed. “When things are moving this quickly, it’s imperative that we have a consistent communication strategy,” says CEO Lauren MacVay. “The Compass, our OnSemble portal, is central to ours.”

COVID-19 has brought significant changes to the organization’s interaction with its members:

  • Staff are working from home wherever feasible.
  • Tellers are in an on-call rotation due to reduced member activity. A protocol has been established to keep employees working in-person a safe distance from one another.
  • Lobby access is restricted only to members with an appointment.
  • Virtual meetings have largely replaced in-person ones.

“When things are moving this quickly, it’s imperative that we have a consistent communication strategy. The Compass, our OnSemble portal, is central to ours.”

True North Credit Union CEO Lauren MacVay

“OnSemble is helping us keep everyone up to date during these challenging times. Announcements are sent out daily through the portal,” says Executive Assistant Melinda Wheeler. Along with using OnSemble to keep the team informed about the changes in work arrangements, communications also include uplifting videos or photos of what it’s like to work from home with the help of pets and children.

Indeed, Lauren mentioned a positive side effect of the crisis that she learned via OnSemble. “It seems that a lot of the True Crew, myself included, have ended up with puppies recently,” she says.

True North has also used OnSemble to create a COVID specific page in their intranet that provides resources, links to current information, and updates on operational changes as well as community needs. The credit union plays a vital role in its community, and OnSemble has helped call attention to projects such as making hospital gowns to help with a shortage at the local hospital, and sending cards to nursing home residents in an attempt to spread a little happiness.

“Staying in touch with community needs and how we might help is important to our culture and our employees,” says Melinda.

It appears that OnSemble has supported True North’s successful efforts to keep its staff informed and its community connected.

“We are just trying to keep members and staff healthy and safe while keeping a close watch on ways we can support our members through the financial stress and worry about the future,” Lauren said.

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