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  • May 14, 2020
Using OnSemble to Help with PPP Loans and Combating COVID-19

All organizations are facing similar challenges: engage their employees even under work from home mandates while also providing customers with the same great service that they are used to. 

COVID-19 has been changing the way Financial organizations are getting their work done. Everything from working from home to PPP loans that have been essential to their communities’ small businesses, “business as usual” has been disrupted. Branch lobbies and remote work has become the norm as employees are helping keep their staff and members safe.  

On our OnSemble User Community named “Spark,” several users recently shared how they have been helping their teams navigate these uncharted waters. Read how different groups are connecting with their teams across different branches and homes, along with facilitating PPP loans through their employee portal.

We are highlighting three of our OnSemble customers to show how they were able to use their portals to keep their staff updated on changes that have been happening daily.  

Announcements Not Emails!  

A+ Federal Credit Union has been utilizing several different parts of OnSemble to keep their staff informed. Jennifer Hughes, Internal Communications/Development Specialist, shared that she used the Announcements feature to update their team when they stopped taking applications with the PPP program, 

She quickly built a dedicated COVID-19 page that helped inform her team on how the pandemic would impact lending, as well as getting information out at lightning speed as new information became available. 

Providing relief for members. 

Ever-changing information related to COVID-19 was a challenge that Ashleigh Deatherage, Executive Administrator at Scott Credit Union, was able to combat with OnSemble. The team worked fast to help their members by quickly implementing several relief programs for their members as well as distributing PPP loans. 

Ashleigh and her team created a dedicated COVID-19 page with a tabbed island to help organize all the news and has been continuously updating this page as changing and updated information becomes available. To help their team better adjust to working from home, a technology section was put on their portal to help their employees. 

Connecting ALL Staff

Tina Harris, Marketing Communications & Event Planner from Jefferson Bank, has been utilizing several different features on OnSemble to connect all the different areas of the bank.  

With their OnSemble portal, the bank has been able to build a COVID-19 page and for all the information that they were communicating with their customers in a central place for all the bank staff to see.

They also built separate pages that they call “tool kits.” These tool kits have all of the information that is needed for different jobs within the organization. There are tool kits for tellers, relationship bankers, as well as Loan Operations. In fact, it was this last group who utilized their tool kit to help handle PPP loans in order to help out their communities’ small businesses. 

Tina also found a way to utilize their Help Desk to send information between different departments to assist with the approving of the PPP loans. 

Communicate, Collaborate, and Stay Connected 

COVID-19 has changed the way teams communicate, collaborate, and stay connected as employees work remotely. With OnSemble, organizations big and small are able to keep their staff informed and educated even during these unprecedented times.  

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