2020 Virtual User Conference, A Big Success

2021 Planning Underway

OnSemble Connect

Connect 2020, our annual OnSemble Customer Conference, was a huge success. The first ever virtual event was packed with sessions that showcased product innovations and customer case studies. Customers demonstrated how they use OnSemble to solve everyday business challenges and deliver value company-wide. The event culminated in our annual Besties Award ceremony where we celebrated our OnSemble Family, achievements over the past year and, of course, announced our Connect 2020 Bestie winners.

As we plan for Connect 2021, we are committed to providing a stage where we can inspire, learn, engage and grow together. Our first priority is to you, our customers. Your safety and success are critical. We want to hear from you! Please take a moment to share your feedback as we plan for Connect 2021.

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Connect With Your Peers

One of the biggest benefits of OnSemble Connect is the opportunity to connect, learn, and share among your peers. The people who come to OnSemble Connect share so much in common from their roles and responsibilities to a shared passion for Passageways solutions that OnSemble Connect turns out to be an event where friendships bloom. Those friendships make OnSemble Connect an impactful event, bringing together bright minds that are helping drive the future of digital collaboration.
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We Pledge 1%

We’re animated by giving back, philanthropy is in our DNA – because we believe building a community who invests in each other is not only the right thing to do but because its the only kind of city we want to live in. That’s why Passageways committed to the Pledge 1% initiative, a program that inspires good corporate citizenship by returning 1% of our time, profit, and product to our community.

That means giving employees time to go make the world a better a place, donating our products to non-profit charities that make a difference, and signing checks to organizations who put in the hard work and dream big about a better community for everyone.

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Let's Connect, So You Can Start Doing Inspired Work