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Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks

Intranet as Employee Communication Software

Communication plays a vital role in nearly every workplace. If employees aren’t equipped to collaborate and communicate effectively, productivity will almost certainly grind to a halt. A company is, by definition, a group of people working as a team, and a team works best when its members communicate. That’s why it is important to choose a method of internal workplace communication that will enable employees to do their best work together.

There are numerous types of employee communication software that can help a company improve its internal communication. Some companies choose communication software because it can be an easy way to connect a large number of employees across multiple departments in an organized manner. Smaller companies with fewer employees might be able to get by just with face-to-face communication, but a large company with hundreds of employees spread across multiple locations usually needs a better solution. However, even small companies could still find the benefits of communication software helpful. If the company employs remote workers, regardless of size, a software communication tool can quickly become a necessity.

Someone who has never used employee communication software might wonder “what is a communication platform?” As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to communication software. Some communication software works well for basic functions like file sharing or storing information, but doesn’t provide much flexibility beyond these features.

One type of employee communication software that provides numerous benefits with few downsides is an employee intranet like OnSemble. This software has the ability to streamline communication, centralize important information in one easy-to-access location, handle document sharing, facilitate communication between leadership and employees, encourage collaboration between departments, keep employees aligned and focused on the same goal, and much more. A company that implements an employee intranet could streamline communication and empower employees to do their best work and accomplish their goals collectively.

Employee Communication Apps

There are many employee communication apps that can help a company circulate important information more efficiently. However, most of these internal apps come with significant limitations that prevent them from functioning as an all-in-one employee communication solution. The best employee communication apps provide a full range of features to empower employee collaboration and drive productivity.

In addition to the fundamental features of employee communication apps like enhanced communication and information-sharing, employee intranet software like OnSemble offers many advanced functions. An employee intranet can provide a centralized location where employees can collaborate, receive training and feedback, access important information and resources, receive company alerts and updates, and more. Many other internal apps designed to improve employee communication do not provide the same variety of services.

OnSemble is among the best employee communication apps and can offer many of the features that one would hope to see in an employee intranet solution. It can provide a centralized location for sharing content that enables every department to efficiently create or update information. This could allow a department to share relevant information internally as well as with every other department simply by uploading it in one location that is accessible to everyone. Information on the intranet is searchable so all of it remains organized and easy to locate, even if a lot of information is being stored.

An employee intranet is capable of handling document sharing between employees or departments in a similar way. Important documents that need to be accessed by multiple people, or even by the whole company, could be uploaded and stored in one location accessible to everyone with the appropriate permissions. The information can be located with a search function so no time is wasted sorting through numerous documents to find the right one.

Best Internal Communication Platforms

There are many advantages to using employee communication software. Examples include improved learning management, increased employee recognition, and better understanding of company goals and progress using metrics and analytics. Using an employee intranet like OnSemble as a communication software solution has the potential to provide each of these advantages.

An employee intranet can serve as a learning management system that could streamline employee training. It can provide a convenient way to organize classroom training and testing so employee training is always up to date. Compliance audits don’t need to be a source of anxiety, because the best internal communication platforms like OnSemble can provide a means of organizing employee training effectively. Leadership can feel more confident that employees are getting adequate training because an employee intranet allows training materials to be stored and accessed in one location, so everyone is getting consistent quality and style of training.

Using an employee intranet to facilitate communication can also provide a way to recognize employees who are doing good work. People deserve recognition when they do an outstanding job or go above and beyond what was expected of them. When employees get the recognition they deserve, it often leads to better company morale, which in turn can lead to increased productivity. An employee intranet can also make it easier for employees to communicate praise or appreciation among themselves. Since the goal of an intranet is improved collaboration, it makes sense to also include a way for team members to express their appreciation for one another.

The best internal communication platforms can also enable a better understanding of metrics and analytics. Companies can use intranet software like OnSemble to plan goals and track their progress toward meeting them on a visual dashboard. Charts and gauges can provide easy-to-interpret representations of key performance metrics. The dashboard could be a tool that makes it easier to set objectives, create strategies to meet those objectives, and monitor the company’s progress toward those objectives.

Internal Communication Examples

Communication software examples include software like OnSemble that can serve as an employee intranet with the potential to greatly improve communication. There are many ways an employee intranet could benefit internal communication. Examples of these benefits include improved communication and collaboration between departments and improved communication between leadership and employees.

Internal communication software can make it easier for employees to communicate with one another, especially across departments. An employee intranet could include a forum where anyone in the company can create a thread if they have questions, need input, want to share their successes or anything else that might need to be opened up for discussion. A collaborative calendar could be implemented so team members can easily communicate about important events or meetings. Communication software might also include an employee directory where employees can search for anyone in the organization based on job title, department, specialty, location, and more. This can provide a central location where employees can easily locate the people they need to connect with.

These types of internal communication examples are just a few of the ways an employee intranet could improve employee communication. Communication software like OnSemble can empower employees to collaborate more effectively by enabling more efficient communication.

Employee Communication Platforms

Another way employee communication platforms can improve internal company communication is by providing an easy way for leadership and employees to communicate with one another. Intranet software like OnSemble can allow leadership to post blogs and surveys for employees to view. This provides a way for leadership to share information about the company on a platform that is accessible to everyone. Employees can provide feedback by answering the surveys or commenting on blog posts, which creates a two-way channel of communication between employees and leadership. The transparency this provides could be good for employee morale. The increased efficiency with which important information can be disseminated throughout the company could also increase productivity.

Excellent communication between company leadership and employees can contribute to the company’s success. Employee communication platforms like OnSemble could be a way for company executives to easily share important information directly with employees. Employees can receive the information via a central platform, ensuring that everyone has a convenient way to access any and all communication from company leaders. Communication from leadership can help employees understand the company’s strategic plan and make sure everyone is focused on key initiatives that contribute to the plan’s success.

Internal Communication Systems

Internal communications systems can help companies improve their internal communication and increase productivity. Software like OnSemble can provide the internal team communication tools necessary to streamline the way departments interact and collaborate. If multiple departments need to work together on a project, or if one department is waiting for a task to be completed by a different department, it can be helpful to have a platform that facilitates transparent interdepartmental communication. Collaborative projects are more likely to stay on track and be completed quickly and efficiently if interdepartmental communication software is utilized.

Most internal communication systems are easy to implement. An internal communication system example like OnSemble is considered by many people to be very user-friendly and easy to integrate. Implementing new software can be frustrating when the process is slow or requires troubleshooting, but interdepartmental communication software like OnSemble can provide a smooth implementation experience. OnSemble can also provide continued support in the event that a problem does arise. By choosing to implement internal team communication tools, a company can equip both its employees and leadership with the right tools for successful communication.

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