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Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks
Onsemble employee intranet employee portal for healthcare, credit unions and banks

Employee Portal App Is a Company Intranet

An employee portal app, also commonly referred to as a company intranet or an employee intranet portal, is a type of private network for employees and staff to communicate and distribute information. Intranet is a local, restricted connection that is often managed by organizations and used by members from inside the organization. Not to be confused with the internet, which is an open, global network or connection of computers, an intranet is often a popular option for individual companies to build for their employees.

An employee intranet is usually designed to facilitate communication, engagement, and collaboration among staff members. Depending on the complexity of the software, end users have access to a variety of tools that can allow them to easily share information, encourage them to become part of the company culture and collaborate on shared documents and other projects. An employee portal application is managed by a person or group of people in the organization, so an added benefit for them is the ease at which they can administer and manage the information on it.

A solid employee portal website can be involved in every aspect of an employee’s role, job, or career with the right features. OnSemble is a provider of intranet software that can help companies engage employees and ensure that they understand how to navigate the system. It also aims to provide a unique set of features meant to help promote the goal of bringing a company’s workplace culture to life. OnSemble’s intranet services provide a comprehensive solution to help build a customer-oriented culture by informing, aligning, and engaging employees.

While some people may view the intranet as an “outdated” form of network or communication, our software challenges that notion, as the capabilities of a modern intranet have expanded over time.

Employee Communication Center

An effective way to think about an intranet in the context of business is as an employee communication center. At the end of the day, it exists to allow organization members to connect with each other and consume the same information. It could also be helpful for allowing employees access to resources through self-service.

What is employee self-service? This essentially is a reference to what happens when employees log in to an intranet portal. From their dashboard, they can serve themselves with important and relevant resources, documents, and materials. They could also view information specific to them, such as time-reporting, as well as connect to other fellow staff members. A company intranet network is mainly supposed to act as an environment or place employees can go whenever they need something related to their work.

These types of communication centers can also be particularly helpful for the human resources department. For example, an HR employee login could possibly have access to more features or information that they can use to increase employee communication, connection, engagement, and alignment. This kind of setup makes it easier to give employees permission to view training, onboarding materials, and so on.

With respect to end users, an intranet server facilitates communication among their peers. OnSemble offers multiple features that aid in this, such as employee directories and forums. These tools can give employees the power to conduct their own research, find the right people and resources they need, and ask questions or make comments.

At the end of the day, a reliable communication hub for employees is an important aspect of any organization. As such, many companies are careful to find the one that best meets their needs. OnSemble can provide this software and related service or support for most regulated businesses.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be a difficult element to master, especially if you consider recent times. Many employees are physically separated and participating in remote work, so it may be particularly important to prevent isolation from diminishing engagement and morale in the workplace. With OnSemble’s intranet software, you may be able to better guide your employees in managing their work.

The key groups OnSemble’s services are meant to cater to include C-suite executives and those working in the upper or directory levels of HR, marketing, and IT departments. Our software gives more power to these users as they are typically the main source of content on intranet portals or dashboards for employees. This means they may have the opportunity to improve the experience of employee self-service login users, especially when it comes to engagement and interaction.

OnSemble knows that C-suite executives often grapple with issues like organizational alignment and the costs associated with employee turnover. OnSemble’s intranet software can help resolve these issues by activating organization culture, which is often considered an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Features of OnSemble’s intranet services are beneficial to HR directors who struggle with inspiring the employee morale and engagement necessary to build a stronger culture. Members of HR have also expressed difficulty when it comes to making onboarding and training materials easier to find, providing access to must-see company information, and emphasizing employee recognition. Marketing directors also express similar problems in addition to communications being limited to email, inconsistent branding across locations, and finding current sales product and service information.

OnSemble can assist in improving these situations by giving employees a platform where they can focus on the right objects, at the right time, and with the right tools. When employees are aligned and engaged, they better serve the customers, delivering the organization’s promise to customers.

Employee Collaboration

An intranet may play an integral role in promoting employee collaboration. To accomplish this effectively, it is important for employees to have access to the same sources of information. It is also crucial that they have ways to share, exchange, and start projects with that knowledge.

OnSemble’s intranet software strives to provide the best tools and simplify collaboration. The software’s features can help enable employees and teams to share documents and files so that everyone can have access to the same resources they need for any given project. OnSemble also provides features that can assist in organizing employees into workgroups and providing the tools they need to collaborate.

One of these features is a search tool. It is a simple yet powerful tool that allows employees to search for anything from a company’s intranet to their network drive through an instant index. This index can find files, guides, reports, and more that could be useful to collaborative efforts.

OnSemble also provides document and forms management. Documents are organized with an intuitive management system that retrieves files from a company’s shared drive or SQL database. Special permissions can be assigned to these documents, files can be checked in and out, and management of version history is available. On the topic of forms, electronic forms can be logistically managed. This could make it easier to handle form distribution and track the status of those forms.

This software also promotes text-based conversation among employees through instant messenger. Collaboration company-wide could be initiated instantly and securely. The tool is also equipped with locator technology to find particular specialists within an organization.

OnSemble’s intranet services are designed to improve communication between teams and workgroups. Employees can have direct access to announcements and group discussions. These conversations can also be archived and have read receipts included.

Sample Employee Portal Website

Intranet software is applicable to a wide range of industries and fields. For each of these sectors, there will likely be an available sample employee portal website that provides a decent idea of what the portals are like. Some of these types of businesses include banks, credit unions, and healthcare services.

Having an employee intranet for banks is often essential for the purposes of communication, engagement, and providing centralized information. It can be especially helpful in aiding efforts in activating customer-oriented culture through the use of a central hub to inform, align, and engage employees across all branches. A community bank employee portal can also be beneficial when it comes to providing access to important banking-related policies, procedures, and practices.

The implementation of an employee portal for credit unions can also prove to be valuable. Besides increasing connection among employees and consistency across branches, OnSemble could also resolve other issues related to the industry. It has been observed that such organizations may often have problems with inconsistent communication, inability to align employees with company mission and values, and regulatory communication compliance. OnSemble may be able to help modernize the intranet of credit unions to allow for more streamlined communication across branches. Sun Community Federal Credit Union is among some of the businesses OnSemble has helped thus far, specifically with modernizing its intranet.

An intranet is also popular among businesses in the healthcare industry. This industry finds that a restricted network is useful for improving employee retention and capturing acknowledgments for HIPAA compliance. A healthcare employee portal example can be found in a customer case study conducted by the Perkins County Health System (PCHS) from Nebraska. After encountering some issues with their SharePoint intranet, they decided to select OnSemble for a team they branded as The Hot Spot. This team was inspired by the best practices shared by OnSemble customers.

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