OnSemble Intranet for Credit Unions

Enable your credit union employees to stay connected and do their best work. Activate your member-focused culture by using a central communication hub to inform, align and engage your employees across all your branches.

Why an intranet for Credit Unions

Employee communication and engagement are critically important to credit unions. OnSemble Intranet for credit unions can help you improve new employee onboarding, employee communications and engagement, employee alignment with your values, and team collaboration. 


Improve Communication
OnSemble provide a central hub for ongoing company communications. Must-see information using announcements and alerts. It keeps everyone informed of important meetings & events.


Centralize Information
An intranet can enable you to improve customer service by acting as a central hub to post policies, procedures, best practices and the latest promotional information that employees can access at any time. 


Align and Engage Employees
Streamline onboarding, training and compliance with our Learning Management System. And align employees with your company mission and objectives. It helps workers stay engaged, feel supported, and show up to work ready to tackle any challenge.

Help Members & Keep Your Team Aligned

An intranet can enable you to improve member service by acting as a central hub to post policies, procedures, best practices and product/service promotions that employees can access at any time. After all, your mission is to create a culture of serving your members and building solid community relationships – and that starts with caring for your employees and finding creative ways to engage, enable and retain them.

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A+ Federal Credit Union

A+ Federal Credit Union named their portal named Online Wisdom Link (OWL). It is a living breathing tool to allow staff to do the things they need to do every day and create a collaborative environment. The credit union says the intranet is always a work in progress as the needs of the organization and its employees change. 

Our typical credit union customer

Our credit union customers are midsize organizations providing a range of community or regional  financial services. Prior to implementing OnSemble Intranet, most customers were using email for employee communications and storing documents on shared network drives.

Common issues that our intranet for credit unions resolves are: inconsistent communications, lack of centralized information, inability to align employees with mission and values, and regulatory communication compliance.

Sun Community Federal Credit Union

In 2020, Sun Community FCU chose OnSemble to replace a no-longer supported version of SharePoint. They wanted a more modern intranet that improves communications and efficiency in place just weeks before an upcoming NCUA audit. The intranet project team of three sprinted to create their new intranet called “SunHub”.

The highlight of implementing so quickly was the active cross-functional teamwork, even while working virtually for most staff. Key to their quick success was knowing what they wanted to accomplish and actively collaborating with their OnSemble Implementation Manager to make it happen.

SunHub Intranet streamlines communications
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